How to save yourself from unnecessary gifts and "duplicates" for the child

You have just finished unwrapping the gifts? Or are you still struggling with the packages to open and you have already reached a number of duplicates for the baby on the way who, in comparison, the heir of the royal house gives you a mustache? Here are some idea to save you from unnecessary gifts, duplicates and terrible Christmas thoughts.

finish it binges of Christmas lunches and dinners, in the first two free minutes you found to put in order the gifts received, that when you have the baby bump are strictly reserved for born unborn, here we begin the review: white onesie, blue onesie, green onesie, bib, bib, bib, rattle, rattle, rattle, rattle ... And as you count the duplicates that terrible assails you doubt: but will I ever use all these things? But above all of 5 bibs "My first Christmas" what do I do with it?

While admitting that your little one has the salivation of Pavlov's dog, I don't think you'll be able to use them all. What is the solution for unnecessary gifts? The first: preserve e recycle what you are sure you will never use, hoping that some friend or relative will give birth to Christmas next! Second option: to invent with a pinch of dexterity useful items for you and your baby. 

Some ideas: take a towel old (or one of the 10 bathrobes baby you received !!!) and apply i bibs with hot glue or, if you know how to sew, with a nice wire contrasting: it will be a comfortable carrier with pockets to hang wherever you want.

Second idea against the unnecessary gifts: you have too many puppets, rattles, small decorations for the room? Why not use them to organize one wall system for the puppy? Take the usual old towel and, using gods ribbons to pass in spaced slots, hang the various games at different distances between them and at different heights. As the little one is sitting or standing, he will be able to play with the different elements, discovering them from time to time.

Another one option still is to hang i puppets and rattles creating a mobile swivel for the cradle. Just create a hoops with cardboard and cover it with lana colored: then with i wires wool or lo string colorful hang the rest!

Last advice: if the bathrobes triangle are really too many you can join them, creating a square and use the recess for the head as door objects (just apply a clip button): here is a ready telo where to rest the baby after bath or sea and in each pocket ready for gear and games. 

Operation no-panic Natale finished! Good divertissement and good feasts!!!

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