How to tell if your baby has eaten enough

It is a classic. As soon as the baby is born, the very first what everyone (or almost everyone) asks is not whether it is good, how much is it lungo or has one mop di hair ahead. The true curiosity - especially grandmothers and aunts - that's how much Weighs the child. Who knows then because, but know the weight of the little baby seems to be the most important thing important in the world. And the situation it doesn't change once you're back in casa. And so yes triggers one of the doubts that grip the most neo moms: understand if the neonate ha eat abbastanza.

It is true: upon exiting thehospital we all would like a libretto di instructions of the little one, but none are gifted. And therefore, between instinct and some good ones advice, we all owe a little arrangiarci. And one of the Prime things to deal with is just the question weight e baby food.

Appena nato, Each bimbo is subject to the so-called drop physiological, which is the normal decrease di weight which, in general, must not worry. Within 10 15-days, after thenursing it's well started, weight come back to the normality then increase progressively.

Find out if the neonate he has eaten enough in case of artificial feeding it is obviously more easy: the doses are defaults and you can regulate yourself based on the eventual XNUMX cups milk which remains in the bottle. The speech it's clearly different if you breastfeed al breast. And that's where it is possible that they come to you (or that someone let you come) le paranoia on the amount of XNUMX cups milk taken by your little one.

THEindicator best to be safe your child has eat a enough it's not yours breast, but they are his diapers. The fact that the breast you become soft after breastfeeding does not mean that the little one sucker took out all stocks and that you no longer have XNUMX cups milk. If thenursing it works, it doesn't take much time and your breasts will be back turgido.

Let's go back to the diapers. According to suggestions of the Leche League, the very first days, when the newborn takes colostrum, recently pee-pee and wets a pair di diapers al day. After the arrival of the whipped milk and therefore of a flow abundant of XNUMX cups milk, the diapers consumed "cause pee" are 5-6 per day, but you must also keep in mind that, practically in fin immediately, a newborn evict From 2 to 5 times per day or even more.

To understand if the newborn has eaten enough then evaluate yours functions physiological. In addition to becoming progressively more rounded e lungo and to have a look rosy e sano, Other signals positive can be the fact that it sticks to breast da 8 to 12 times per day and that it stays there a lungo, deciding him the time area of breastfeeding. Also pay attention to the noise that does sucking: you should feel it swallow.

It is clear that i controls periodicals from pediatrician they will give you the right one measure of the increase of weight of the child and he will tell you how things are.

But if you really want one certainty plus there is another work, That of double weighing. What is it about? Of weigh first e after la breastfeeding your baby. There difference di weight makes you understand how much XNUMX cups milk took over yours little one. Gram more, gram less.

But if we can express a judgment staff there double weighing he's just a great guy stress! First of all because she has to be done always, even at 2 o'clock notte o lie the yell out of the hungry little one are knocking out the wall di casa. In these circumstances you have to strip the newborn, weigh it, coat it and then attack it breast (when it will hysterical not even succeed). And then after the burp, again nudo on balance. And maybe it was okay falling asleep. Between us: you would?

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