Human placenta: all the strangest uses

La placenta it is a vital organ and is generally expelled and thrown away after childbirth. But for some mothers it has almost fundamental importance to the point that they keep it or use it in the most bizarre ways.

Eating the placenta: According to the New York Times, some moms after the birth of the child want to recover this organ so precious to them and then cook it. It seems that some scientists are also working on making capsules that contain placenta extract. We are at placentophagy.
The placenta appears to be rich in vitamin B12 and iron and help prevent postpartum depression. So, could swallowing the placenta give some psychological support to depressed mothers? It is not certain, it could be, for women who cannot overcome the separation from their child, a way to accidentally recover what is lost in childbirth. Some mothers think that eating it helpsnursing and provide more energy to mom.


Making toys and soft toys: designer Alex Green created a teddy bear made with original human placenta. Better than eating it maybe ..

Making works of art: someone decides to make real works of art with the placenta, to fix it obliviously over the centuries.

Using the placenta as an ingredient for cosmetics: creams, shampoos and cosmetics, there are real lines dedicated exclusively to the placenta which seems to be effective above all to combat wrinkles

Leave it attached until it comes off on its ownIt is called Lotus Birth and consists in the practice of not cutting the umbilical cord and leaving the placenta attached to the baby until it falls on its own

Make prints: Placenta blood can be used to make prints and small acrylic paintings.

Making frames: an English artist creates photo frames with placenta


Human placenta: all the strangest uses

The placenta does not necessarily have to be thrown away. Here's what you can do with it

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