Hygiene of the newborn: nails, ears, mouth, eyes

You know that wonderful perfume emanating from the skin of the Infants? For every mom it is a experience sink the nose between the folds "fluffy"Of your child. Even if most of his goes by time in braccio or Cribs e strollers,hygiene of the newborn absolutely not neglected. If you are at the first adventure with bimbo, some things seem to you very difficult, type cut le nails. But you will see that with a little bit of practice everything will be super simple.

On the subject of hygiene of the newborn, we already have you explained how to get rid of a stuffy nose and advice against diaper rash. Now let's start with nails. Some children come to world with small "claws"On Dita of the hands. There are those who suggest using some kind of knobs di cotton to cover the little hands and prevent infants from doing it scratch unintentionally the face. In any case, the nails they must always be court and remember to to wash your hands often: they are the first thing you bring in mouth.

The idea of cut le nails to your little one there terrifies a bit'? Anything fear. Let's see how to do it. First choose earwigs From rounded tips and with paralytic curved. The time ideal? When your baby is quiet. For example, while he is sleeping or you are breastfeeding. Or in the tub of the bath: thehot water softens your nails and you will be facilitated.

Le nails of the hands they must be cut following the curvature of fingertip, those of the piedi instead straight to prevent them from being able to incarnate. Don't be afraid to hurt him: more safe you are of yourself, more easy will be the operation.

Let's move on to ears, another essential thing forhygiene of the newborn. The pavilion headset (i.e. the Outdoor) can be cleaned while bathing with a gauze or wad di cotton, simply moistened withwater. For the cleaning sustainability do not take initiatives of any kind. THE cotton swab? Forget them! Apart from the fact that they can to push il cerume even more inside by creating pin, they also risk procuring damage al eardrum. Ask for advice from pediatrician.

In the former months of life of the newborn, the cleaning area of mouth it is not essential while giving weaning onwards and when i teeth more will have to be done caution: pass one gauze sterile onarch upper and lower to eliminate any residue di food. Also remember that it is never too early to get him caught confidence with a brush with soft bristles. Anything toothpaste However.

And here we are at the eyes. If there is some secretion and they seem to you "sticky“, Use some gauze sterile soaked in solution physiological. Alternatively also the chamomile lukewarm can be fine, nothing eye drops do it yourself, not even those that do not contain drugs. Use a gauze for each eye to avoid the passage of germs or any infections. Gently pass them along the eyelids, from the inner corner outwards, trying to remove the "lumps"Of the lacrimal secretion.

If you eyes they seem a lot to you reddened and the little one shows that he has pruritus, call yours pediatrician: it could be one conjunctivitis.

Another advice general for thehygiene of the newborn. Used specific products for small children, which do not contain substances virtually irritants, soaps o scents. wet wipes are to evaluate, especially away from home, but buy more ones delicate you find and make use of it moderate: the simple one water is the best ally for the cleaning of your child.

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