I can't choose a name for my son: tips and tricks

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I can't choose a name for my son

I can't choose a name for my son: this is the title we often find on posts in the forums of future mothers, struggling, among other things, with the delicate moment of choosing the baby's name. What to do if there is a disagreement between parents? And what elements do we need to keep in mind to find the right name?

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  • Test to choose the child's name
  • Name generator based on last name
  • Choose the child's name based on the last name
  • Disagreement on the name of the child: what to do?
  • 7 rules for choosing the right name
  • Best baby names

Test to choose the child's name

If you are unsure whether you will give the village a name or a more original one, it might be useful to start with a test. For example, the child name test gives you some clues as to what kind of name you will give your child.

Name generator based on last name

On Nostrofiglio we find a useful tool that allows us to generate feminine or masculine names by also choosing the length and origin of the name by fishing in a database of about 600 names.

Choose the child's name based on the last name

The name must agree well with the surname. Once you have compiled a list of ten eligible names, compare them with the surname: write your name and surname and observe the effect it has, pronounce theloud pairing. Remember that, as a general rule, a long name goes well with a short last name and vice versa.

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Disagreement on the name of the child: what to do?

What to do if i parents can't agree on the choice of name?

Listen carefully: When people argue, they tend to focus on what they are saying to try to convince the other person. Instead, try to listen to each other, opening your mind and don't forbid partner rejection as a prostrate issue against you. It's just your own taste. Try to make two lists and then swap them: each one will have to delete the names he hates leaving only two for each list. At the end you can choose the name among the 4 finalists.

7 rules for choosing the right name

Here's how to choose the right name in 7 steps.

  1. Start by deciding if you want to follow the tradition opting for a more classic and traditional name, or if you want to make a bolder choice following fashion. Keep in mind that a classic name doesn't have to be boring, you can also go fishing in the past by choosing rare names with a vintage charm.
  2. Look at the family tree of the family going backwards: you may find that a relative of yours bore a really interesting name!
  3. Make a list of possible names: the mother can list her 20 favorite names and the father will do the same, it is possible that the comparison between the two lists will result in a common name
  4. Consult the book of names or online guides that offer dozens of names with meanings and curiosities
  5. Get inspired by literature, nature or art to choose a name that also has a nice meaning
  6. The perfect name it should stand the test of time. So let's ask ourselves. Could this name be ridiculous in 10 years? Could he be fooled? Did you know that a study conducted by Marquette University found that people with easy-to-pronounce, classic-flavored names are more likely to be hired at large companies?
  7. Beware of possible diminutives: it is common practice, both at home and at school, to abbreviate the name with a diminutive or a term of endearment.

Baby names | PHOTO

Baby names | The origins and meanings of baby names

Best baby names

What are the best baby names? There is no single answer. The best name it is the one that pleases the parents, it goes well with the surname, it is not ridiculous or can embarrass the child, it is not too trendy (a name that is particularly strange and trendy today could be ridiculous tomorrow in adulthood). We can take a look at the classic books of names, which list their meaning, origin and name day in alphabetical order. Or we can consult the ISTAT calculator that every year, starting from the last Report on the birth rate in the country, also provides the top 50 of the most popular names year by year in our country. In this way we will be able to find out which are the most popular (and therefore also the most common) names and those on the rise. For example, among the most used female names we find Giulia, Sofia, Aurora, while among the male names we find Leonardo, Francesco, Alessandro, Lorenzo, Andrea etc.

Finally, don't forget to consult the many guides on names, letter by letter, available on. For each name the origin, meaning, name day, variants and many curiosities are reported.

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