I'm pregnant: now what?

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I am pregnant what to do

After a long wait, finally the pregnancy test is positive. A wanted and desired pregnancy, but when you see that dash appear on the test purchased at the pharmacy, everything changes. Until that time most of the future mothers, especially if it is the first child, does not really realize what it will mean to carry on this pregnancy and have a baby. And a small line can panic in the first moment, and then leave room for the joy of this life that is growing within itself.


Important things to do during pregnancy

Here is a list of things that are important to do during pregnancy

Expectant mothers need to be ready to face a whole host of changes. But at this point do the first doubts come? What should i do as soon as i find out i am pregnant?

I am pregnant do's and don'ts

First of all (after having told your boyfriend or your husband!) You should do the blood analysis to confirm the actual pregnancy. By checking the Beta present in the blood, in fact, you can be sure that you have become pregnant. Some doctors also ask to repeat the Betas after a week, to make sure the pregnancy is going smoothly, before performing the check-up visit.

If your gynecologist seems a little "cold" to you at first and tries to "debunk" your excitement about the baby that is about to arrive, don't be offended. The first weeks of pregnancy are the most delicate and many doctors want to make sure that thefertilized egg is well implanted before you start talking about a pregnancy. So rest assured and try to live these first moments without too much anxiety.

So if you have a gynecologist of trust, call him and agree on when to make the first visit. If you don't have it, now is the time to choose one that can follow you throughout your pregnancy. You can rely on the gynecologist of a friend of yours, or look for one in the hospital where you would like to give birth, or get advice in the clinic near your home. The important thing is that the gynecologist or gynecologist inspires confidence in you. Not having a good relationship with a doctor who has to follow you constantly for 9 months may not be pleasant.

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When to do the first gynecological examination

La first gynecological visit it should be done no earlier than 7/8 weeks after the last cycle. Nothing prevents you from having a checkup first, but maybe you may not be able to hear the fetus's heartbeat. This does not mean that there is any problem, but it is simply too early to be able to perceive it. Instead, by making an appointment for the first visit during this period, you can feel your heart beating and it will be a unique emotion.

What do you see in the first check

During the first checkup, the gynecologist will visit you and do a transvaginal ultrasound to check the correct implantation of the gestational sac and identify any pathologies or malformations of the uterus or ovaries which could create problems during pregnancy. And you will be able to see your "green bean" for the first time. Oh yes, because at this moment of pregnancy it will be really similar to a small bean and will be a few millimeters long. Then the gynecologist will tell you all the tests to do and the first indications on what you can (or cannot) do. The advice is to write down all your doubts on a sheet of paper, so you can ask the doctor anything you want to know.

Your journey to motherhood is just beginning ... Good luck!

Start taking care of nutrition

As soon as the pregnancy test is positive, it would then be advisable (if you have not already done so!) To stop smoking and drinking alcohol. If from the toxotest it emerges that you have not had toxoplasmosis, pay attention to washing all the vegetables that you will consume raw. Blue cheeses or cheeses with molds, with unpasteurized milk, raw fish, raw meat are also not recommended.

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