Ideas for making a dinner in 15 minutes (or less)

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Recipes for a dinner in 15 minutes

Each mother has her own "emergency" recipes, indispensable for those days when everything goes wrong and there are only a few minutes left to start a dinner: here we propose some ideas of healthy and nutritious dishes that are prepared in just a quarter of an hour ... or less! Also why when does a mother have more time? The recipes we present to you are from the famous Giallo Zafferano website.

Sole Butter and Sage


Butter 150 g

Flour to taste

Sage 12 leaves

Salt to taste

Whirl pepper to taste

4 medium sole (about 200 gr each)

To prepare the butter and sage sole, start by cleaning the sole: clean, peel and wash the sole, then let them drain and dry them gently. Flour the sole on both sides and place them on a plate. In a non-stick pan, melt the butter over low heat and add the sage leaves, then lay the soles and brown them for 3-4 minutes on both sides, being careful not to break them when you turn them in the pan (if you don't have a pan large enough to cook 4 sole at the same time, we recommend doing it in two stages). If you notice that the sage leaves turn too brown during cooking, tending to take on a brownish color, remove them from the heat and set them aside: you will need them to garnish the fish at the end of the preparation. When cooked, season with salt and, if you like, add some ground pepper, then place the sole on a serving dish and garnish with sage leaves and melted butter. The butter and sage sole is ready, serve it and enjoy at the moment.

Accompanying idea: sautéed zucchini with a little oil or butter; boiled rice to which we have added a pinch of curry to the cooking water.

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Aromatic mini burgers with cheese

Ingredients for 12 miniburgers

Pork mince 500 gr

Sausage 100 g

Grated pecorino cheese 50 gr

Breadcrumbs 50 g

Fresh garlic 1 clove

Fresh parsley 30 gr

Salt to taste

Pepper as needed

Extra virgin olive oil 2-3 tbsp


To make the aromatic miniburgers with cheese, start by preparing the mixture of aromas that will blend with the meat. Then pour the breadcrumbs into the mixer, add the parsley leaves and the whole peeled clove of garlic.
Operate the mixer and keep at medium speed until you get a very fine mixture, adjust with salt and pepper to taste. Then in another bowl add the minced pork to the sausage, previously skinned. Proceed by adding the mixture of parsley, garlic and breadcrumbs to the meat.
Finally add the grated pecorino and mix everything. Once you have a very compact mixture, start dividing it and forming balls weighing about 60 grams each; in this way you will be able to get 12 miniburgers. Compact the balls well and press them slightly until they flatten and create edges. Then place the miniburgers on a cutting board and brush them with oil to prevent them from sticking to the plate during cooking.

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You can cook the miniburgers on a hot plate for 5 minutes, remembering to cook them for 3 minutes on one side and 2 on the other or in a static oven for 25 minutes at 200 °, 15 minutes on one side and 10 on the other (in convection oven at 180 ° for 20 minutes). When the miniburgers have reached a crunchy browning, they will be ready to be served! Put the aromatic miniburgers with cheese on the table while still warm and present them as you like: accompanied by a hamburger minipan and a salad leaf or with your favorite sauces!

Omelette with soft cheese and cooked ham


Eggs 6

Stracchino 100 g

Cooked ham 100 gr

Butter 60 g

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste

Break the eggs into a bowl, add the salt, pepper and mix them briefly with a fork, just enough for the eggs to mix but without completely mixing together.
Cut the cooked ham coarsely. Put 30 grams of butter in a pan and let it sizzle, then add half the dose of the egg mixture, and spread it well over the entire surface of the pan; let the omelette brown for a few minutes, then place 50 g of cooked ham and 50 g of stracchino on it, and close the omelette like a book. Cook for a few moments more and then keep the omelette warm, and repeat the exact same operation with the remaining ingredients. In the end, you will have got two large omelettes; divide each of them into two parts, place each part on a serving dish and serve immediately accompanying with a mixed salad.

Fettuccine Alfredo 


Fettuccine pasta 400 gr

Butter 250 g

Grated Parmesan cheese 350 gr

Salt to taste

Pasta cooking water to taste

Pepper to taste (optional)

Nutmeg to taste (optional)


To prepare the fettuccine Alfredo, start cooking the fettuccine in abundant boiling salted water for the necessary minutes (indicated on the packaging of your fettuccine), turning them from time to time to prevent them from sticking together. Towards the end of cooking, take a couple of ladles of pasta cooking water, which you will serve later.When the fettuccine is cooked, drain it al dente and prepare a bowl in which you will put the softened butter at room temperature and the fettuccine. Mix everything well so as to melt the butter and not let the fettuccine stick.
Then add the grated cheese and continue to mix, adding a little cooking water, until the cheese is melted and you have obtained a soft and homogeneous sauce. Finally, season with salt if necessary and season to taste with pepper, preferably white and a pinch of nutmeg if you like it: your fettuccine Alfredo are ready!

Slices with tomato, thyme and marjoram 


Beef 8 slices of real beef weighing 600 gr

Olive oil 3 tbsp

Butter 30 g

1 clove garlic

Shallot 1

Fresh or dried thyme 1 tbsp

Fresh or dried marjoram 1 tbsp

Tomatoes 250 gr of pulp (also peeled)

Salt to taste

Pepper as needed


In a large pan heat the oil and the butter, add the crushed garlic and the chopped shallot, let them dry (it will take about 15 minutes) and then add the slices. Brown the meat, first on one side then on the other, then add the thyme and marjoram. Let it flavor and pour in the tomato pulp. Cook for 5 minutes over high heat and when the tomato has shrunk, season with salt and pepper and then turn off. Serve the slices with tomato, thyme and marjoram well sprinkled with their cooking sauce.

Fast yellow rice

This delicious recipe is suggested to us by our friend Luisa Orizio from Allacciate il Grembiule; a quick and children's revisitation of Milanese rice.

Here are the ingredients:
2 handfuls of soup rice (about 50 g)
latte q.b.
1 cheese
1 handful of grated cheese
1 sachet of saffron

How to prepare it

Put the rice in a saucepan and cover it for a finger and a half with water. Leave to cook until the rice is soft without turning it. Add water if this is not enough, but it must be hot otherwise it will block the cooking of the rice. When cooked, add the saffron sachet, the cheese, the Parmesan and stir well. Add enough cold milk to give the dish a creamy effect. The milk will also be used to cool the rice to the right point to give it to your children immediately.

Source and Photo Credits | Saffron Yellow and Lace Up the Apron

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