In search of the lost passion

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How to find passion in a couple

Routine, habit, tiredness and sometimes boredom, dragged on day after day, cool the relationship, sometimes irretrievably. The arrival of the children, the daily routines, the worries, the tiredness can contribute to alienate the two partners up to cool passion. Sometimes we close ourselves in a sort of "quiet life" immersed in everyday life and in life that always flows the same. But how to find the passion in a couple? If we want our story to take the right turn and we want to start experiencing intense emotions again, let's get busy: our good will will be effectively rewarded.


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How to rekindle passion in a wedding

Let us be carried away by emotions, let's get out of the ranks, let's stop wanting to have everything under control at all costs, let's be guided by our instinct and why not, even from the imagination, perhaps trying to take away the taboo and we never take anything for granted, we look back and try to treat our partner with the same passion and enthusiasm as when we met and when our story began.

Let's not ask ourselves limits for space and time, we dare even where it seems to us pure madness, we experiment, and if he offers us some spicy games why not try it together? We will be able to discover other funny sides of sex and another side of our personality as that of the partner, the important thing is that in everything there is always mutual respect and will!

How to regain the excitement

Yes, if up to now we have been tremendously habitual, always the same position, always the same way, in short, always the same sauce, we give vent to the imagination, we dare, we propose, we light up our partner's imagination with "obscene" proposals: a hot shower heated by the kisses of both, for example, rekindles not only passion but also complicity ...

How to recover physical attraction

  • He is used to finding us dressed in a simple and stylish way water and soap? For once let's dress in a provocative way, add some particular and some detail that enhances our person, if we have a beautiful breast we focus on a nice balconette bra and if our strength is the buttocks we dare a very tight thong, we wear stockings if not we have never worn them and why not, even a baby doll outfit
  • Let's stop doing the slippers lazy neglected, we all like to be comfortable at home, but if we wait for him to come to dinner and want dinner to turn into a "spicy after dinner, let's avoid being found in pajamas and slippers! The vamp style is also inadequate, but at least decent clothing with a "surprise" underwear, well-groomed and clean hair and a trickle of make-up, nail polish or at least clean nails without residues of old nail polish, will certainly do more please his eye and especially our self-esteem! In fact, let's not forget that our security, our knowing how to do ourselves, starts only with us, the more confident we are of ourselves, the higher our self-esteem will be, and the better things will go!
  • If during love we are not used to talking and we are not so much "active"we learn to involve ourselves more. We guide the partner's hands, ask him what gives him the most pleasure and teach him what he gives us, this also strengthens the complicity and obviously the passion, since every gesture becomes pleasure!
  • Even when he's not with us, maybe just when he least expects it, let's send him a spicy sms! Yes, one of those we would never send, where we describe how we are dressed, how much we want it and what we would do at that precise moment .. just be careful not to make the wrong recipient!
  • We do not discard them a priori its proposals which may seem "childish" or literally obscene to us such as using erotic games, unless we are absolutely against it, they could spice up the relationship and definitely make you laugh, just like two little boys in their first experiences.
  • Improvvisiamoci belly dance dancers in a sensual and revised dance, with swaying in front of her eyes and why not, maybe with one streap-tease finale, will certainly appreciate it and will be pleasantly surprised by the surprise!
  • We purchase a oil or a cream suitable for massages, perhaps with cinnamon aroma, a typical substance used in erotic massages, or even the essence of ylang ylang, candles and incense sticks .. we decorate our "nest" in such a way that the atmosphere is as intriguing as it is suffused and relaxing, we show off our skills as masseuses, not sparing the hottest points and let the case do the rest.
  • Lastly, let's take some time together, time only for us, maybe two days in one wellness center, a night in the Hotel, in short, something to get out of everyday life and allow us to be in timeless intimacy, without time, where we can be ourselves and allow ourselves, if we want, to stay even a whole day in bed, hugging each other and making love when he goes there!
  • If we find the harmony and harmony under the sheets, probably also in the daily life it will get better, since it is scientifically proven that in couples where there is a good sexual understanding, problems tend to be reduced very easily and lead to less unsolvable quarrels. Also, having sex makes us feel good and there are so many pros we face, so why give it up?
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The benefits of sex

  • It makes us feel good, lifts the mood and gives us a smile!
  • It lets us pass the headache, instead of having to stuff ourselves with painkillers and anti-inflammatories, much better to spend the time pleasantly snuggled up to our him, between fire and flames.
  • If we are in overweight and we are too lazy to go to the gym to run, physical activity has never been more enjoyable than this, to lose weight! We just think that in half an hour of sex we can lose about 50 calories and if we do our best in particularly acrobatic positions, these will certainly increase, obviously also improving our profile!
  • Sex strengthens the musculature, keeps blood circulation active and acts as an exercise for the heart muscle, thus lowering the risk of having a heart attack or stroke.
  • It makes us lower the pressure reducing the risks even for hypertensive people and increases the production of antibodies that protect us from flu, cold and typical seasonal ailments and if we do it before sonno, we can say goodbye to our insomnia, because thanks to the hormones released during intercourse, we will fall asleep more quickly.
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