Induced delivery with sling: what it is and how it works

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Induced delivery with sling: what it is and how it works

Childbirth is for most women a tiring and painful moment, but which takes place naturally and without major complications. But this is not the case for all: among the inconveniences that can happen, that of induction is one of the most frequent. So let's see how the induced delivery with sling

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When inducing childbirth

Childbirth can be induced for several reasons, and sometimes medical devices to stimulate dilation and contractions are also used to help giving birth to reach the famous 10 centimeters. Among the most common causes leading to induce childbirth there is the rupture of the membranes, which is not always accompanied by the actual beginning of labor, and therefore to expansion. It is obviously very popular also for women who arrive beyond the deadline, therefore at 41 + 6. 

There are methods non-pharmacological to induce childbirth, such as nipple stimulation, loosening of membranes, amniorexis (vaginal exploration) and devices intracervical (dilators, catheters), or pharmacological, more widespread and "direct", ie induction by oxytocin or prostaglandins. And it is the latter that are used when inducing the childbirth with sling.

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Childbirth with sling, what does it mean?

The so-called tape is a medical device in the form of tape which is introduced within the vagina to stimulate the maturation of the uterine cervix. The tape is soaked in hormones that, coming into direct contact with the cervix, stimulate the labor. Unlike the gel tape has a gradual release and is soaked in Dinoprostone, a synthetic hormone that causes contraction in the muscles of the uterus and which works on the cervix, helping it to dilate. 

Advantages of tape induction

Unlike other types of induction, the one with tape seems to be particularly advantageous because it is less connected to cases of fetal distress. Given that once decided on induction with tape (or whatever) the fetus must be monitored, studies show that it is easier to arrive at a vaginal delivery without problems thanks to the use of this device. 

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Who can do childbirth with sling

Not all women, however, can undergo the induced delivery with sling. Before its administration, therefore, it is necessary to speak with your doctor about any allergies to drugs or foods, to medicines or supplements hired, declare if you have asthma, anemia, diabetes, low or high blood pressure or a medical condition or disorder that arose during pregnancy. The use of the Dinoprostone it is not recommended when there is disproportion between the vaginal canal and the size of the head of the fetus, but also when uterus interventions have been made, in particular caesareans

In short, it is essential to do a thorough clinical investigation before moving on to induction with tape, especially if it is a multi-par which therefore has already given birth other times. 

Is induced delivery more painful?

Many women who have given birth as a result of induction testify that they have tried more pain, but there is no scientific evidence. However, it is certain that anxiety and tension of waiting can widen the sensations and therefore not allow the pregnant woman to face the labor serenely. In any case, there is no incompatibility between induction and epidural: indeed, when the induction is unsuccessful and must be repeated (the tape can be inserted several times if necessary) the anesthetic can be helpful in dealing with the pains of contractions and have the strength to push once you reach the expansion right. 

Il induced delivery with sling is an alternative that involves inserting a tape soaked in Dinoprostone, a hormone that stimulates dilation and contractions. A sure way to start the labor if the woman had passed the estimated date of delivery or in all those cases where there is a need to deliver the baby. 


Induced childbirth: when is it practiced? 


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