Insects in the house, how to get rid of them: natural remedies and useful tips

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Insects in the house how to eliminate them

Most of the insects they are not well seen, especially if we find them inside the home. And if flies and mosquitoes are simply annoying, other insects such as cockroaches can also increase health risks, being a vehicle for infections or asthma attacks and allergies, especially in children. Clearly fight i 10 quintillion insects that exist in the world is a losing battle, but trying to keep cockroaches, flies, spiders and other common insects away from our home can be easier provided you know their habits to implement the right precautions. Just like all other living beings, insects need water, nourishment and shelter in order to survive and therefore eliminating food and protection we can prevent infestations e protect our home and defend against the risks associated with insect bites.

Natural remedies against insects at home

Many pesticides are dangerous for the health of young and old and we certainly don't like the idea of ​​having to spray insecticides inside the home, so the first thing to do is try some natural remedy.

  • Ants: it can be effective to use talcum powder or flour along the entire path used by the ants (often along the baseboards) and in the points where they seem to come out of the wall.
  • Flies: A bowl of water and sugar can be an effective natural trap, as can cloves that smell unpleasant to these flying insects. If we find them in the house, it is often sufficient to open the window by lowering the shutter halfway (creating a dim light effect) to make the flies go towards the light and exit the window.
  • Fruit flies: as you can already understand from their name, they are little creatures that come from overripe fruit and vegetables, so the first thing to do is to eliminate these products.
  • Grain punteruoli: they are the small and black insects or butterflies that we can find in the pantry, in the packages of pasta or flour left open. To remove them, it is first of all important to empty the pantry and check all the products because these insects reproduce easily and move around, contaminating other packages as well. Throw away all contaminated products. Clean the shelves well with a spray and then put double-sided adhesive strips in the doors that are used to attract the butterflies. Finally, we advise you to place pasta and other perishable foods in containers that can be hermetically sealed.
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Remedies against insects and weeds

Anticimex, an international company specializing in Pest Management and environmental hygiene services, has drawn up a ranking of the scariest pests that infest our homes. Here are the identikits of the most common insects.

  • Cockroach or Cockroach

Its life lasts about a year and prefers places where they find a warm-humid environment. It is very fast, even in reproduction and among its particular characteristics we remember that it loves the night, but can transmit diseases such as typhus or typhoid fever, tuberculosis, dysentery and salmonellosis.

What to do? We can try to ventilate the rooms well, keep temperatures low and pay particular attention to domestic cleaning, it is important to seal all the cracks from which it could enter. If we find them more often it is essential to call a specialized company.

  • Moscow

Her life lasts about a year and we can find her everywhere. Among the main characteristics we remember that it can transmit diseases such as cholera, typhus, dysentery or salmonellosis, but
always cleans the paws before eating.

What to do? We can put mosquito nets, keep the cat's litter box clean, always close leftover food in sealed containers, but above all throw waste every day.

  • Bed bug

The adult can manage to survive even more than a year a year without eating, reaching just over a month in bad conditions of temperature and humidity. Its favorite habitat is that of reserved and "soft" places, such as cushions, mattresses and armchairs, and it hides very well. It feeds on blood like vampires, but it does not transmit disease.

What to do? It is advisable to dry clean sheets and everything that has come into contact with the insect, dry cleaning or at high temperatures.Moreover, keeping the home environment clean and tidy can help because it will be easier to identify them.

  • Tarma

Passionate about fine garments, the moth is one of the worst enemies to face when changing the wardrobe. Just when you look forward to summer, you get ready to pull out your swimsuit, slippers, bucket and mattress and say goodbye to winter and low temperatures, putting away sweaters and furs, moths appear.

What to do? The problem should not be underestimated as a specimen can lay numerous eggs which, when they hatch, give life to a veritable army of voracious larvae, hungry and fierce, which could feed on your wardrobe. Contrary to what one might think, the real problem is the larva, not the - commonly called - "butterfly". It is essential to thoroughly wash clothes, pillows, linens and towels; then put them in the shelter by closing them in bags with zips or in the special vacuum bags - it will also help keep the surrounding environment cleaner and free of dust, allowing you to earn points on the other open fronts with this series of spring enemies. To lash the final blow, there are repellent products on the market, such as camphor, to prevent settlements.

  • Dust mite

Being microscopic, the presence of which can create disorders and allergic reactions in some people. It feeds on organic residues that accumulate in the dust, prefers humid environments and could be found anywhere in the house, especially on beds or sofas.

What to do? Precisely because the presence of mites is connected to accumulations of dust, it is essential to keep the home environment thoroughly clean.

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