'Intimate' hair removal in preparation for childbirth

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Pubic hair removal for childbirth

There comes a day when the expectant mother wonders if she should have one pubic hair removal in proximity of childbirth. The answer is: it depends. It depends on the modesty of the person, his habits and hospital practices. So let's try to understand if and when the pubic hair removal for childbirth and how we should proceed to minimize the inconvenience of this procedure.

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It is mandatory?

Many women prepare in advance by going tobeautician of trust and waiting for the arrival of the first contractions hoping not to have to resort to a new hair removal. Others, on the other hand, only depilate the part that is usually shaved in the hospital.

  • For a natural birth in many hospitals you don't shave at all except to perform the episiotomy and then that part will be shaved.
  • Obviously, the situation is different for caesarean section which, being a real surgery, requires the knitomia complete, that is the shaving of the whole part (even if the cut is made only just above the pubis).

It is, however, important to know that according to the most recent indications of the World Health Organization, the intimate hair removal of the pubis it is not mandatory, indeed it can also be discouraged and the decision must be left to the woman and not to health workers.

This is because not everyone agrees on the usefulness of the intimate hair removal in preparation for childbirthIndeed, according to some experts this procedure can even cause infections and for this very reason, if we choose to shave alone, we pay attention to the use of razors and razor blades.

What to do then?

The advice is therefore to inquire with themidwife met during the pre-birth course of their hospital or in the maternity ward of the chosen hospital, clarifying any doubts with them. Not all hospitals, in fact, practice trichotomy; others, on the other hand, practice it for natural childbirth as well as for a caesarean section.

If the woman is calmer with her body by presenting herself well shaved it is right that it does, but it is not necessary. It may happen that the sudden onset of contractions takes the expectant mother by surprise: at that point in the hospital the midwives will take care of everything including hair removal if needed, and will only shave the part requested by the doctor.

There is no need for too many doubts to arise. Always ask, and you will be answered accordingly.

In all cases, if you have or have been shaved you can soothe the discomfort of hair regrowth that generally itches and sometimes burns with specific lotions, gels or powders. There are many types on the market, both in large-scale distribution and in herbal medicine.

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