Intimate hygiene tips for more sensitive mothers who suffer from intimate irritation

Many moms suffer from skin sensitivity and intimate mucous membranes which is accentuated in particular conditions. Here are some tips and tricks that can keep the situation under control.

First of all, what does sensitivity mean?

Normally the skin does not have areas of redness and the mucous membranes have a light color. In particularly sensitive women, on the other hand, this color tends to be deep pink, more turned on especially in particular conditions. Women with very sensitive skin are often predisposed to skin irritation and redness caused by various external agents: absorbents, tight clothing, synthetic fabrics, sweat, sand, menstruation and sexual intercourse. 

What to do then?

First of all it is important to rule out that this irritation is due to the presence of an infection by microorganisms. So pay attention to symptoms such as heartburn, itching, vaginal discharge different from usual. If this happens, go to a lab that does vaginal swabs. While you wait for the swab result (usually about a week) do not use do-it-yourself remedies.

Good intimate hygiene with a cleanser a low pH, can help "fight" the infection. It is advisable to alternate the use of an active cleanser, perhaps using it in the evening, with a soothing one, with a more basic pH, which can help make the symptoms less annoying. If, on the other hand, no other discomfort appears, but only redness and irritation, the cause is probably the sensitivity of your skin. Let's try to understand together what to do in various situations.

In case of irritation from external absorbent It is important to keep clean by changing your sanitary napkin often, but above all with thorough cleansing several times a day. Hygiene must be very careful at least in the evening, in order to remove any residues even in the skin folds. If during the day it is difficult to cleanse with water, you can use wipes with soothing formula, hypoallergenic and biodegradable with pH around 5.

And if the irritation is due to theuse of synthetic clothes? Again the important aspect to prevent this disorder is the maintaining good personal hygiene, especially during the hot seasons when sweat is added to rubbing with clothes. Also avoid the use of panty liners if not necessary, always carry disposable wipes with you which can also be used regardless of the normal times when you go to the bathroom. When you realize that you are sweating a lot and that your clothes are bothersome, just wipe the skin with the wipe to dry it. 

In case of irritation resulting from sexual intercourse, often associated with a feeling of extreme dryness, proper intimate hygiene before and after intercourse is essential to prevent any pathogenic bacteria present from causing an infection. However, the purpose of hygiene is also another one, that of keep the mucosa hydrated and thus reduce discomfort. It may be recommended for those with particularly sensitive skin to use two different types of detergents: a normal cleanser with a neutral pH before intercourse, and a soothing one after intercourse that helps to reduce the sensation of dryness and irritation.

In conclusion, I would like to give a piece of advice that concerns all women with particularly sensitive skin: hygiene must remain one of your primary objectives because clean skin and as dry as possible makes even small daily stresses more manageable.

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