Kegel exercises for men

Kegel exercises for men
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Kegel exercises are known above all for the treatment and prevention of urinary incontinence, in particular for women, who are affected by it following pregnancy and natural births. In fact, the woman who has had a vaginal birth that caused excessive relaxation of the pelvic floor or loss of tone of the vagina muscles, can regain its tone through these exercises. But Kegel exercises are also perfect for men: the pelvic floor extends from the pubic bone to the coccyx. These simple exercises can help both for urinary incontinence and for improving one's sex life such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or anorgasmia. So let's see how to do them best.

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Kegel exercises for men: what they are for

Kegel exercises were conceived and developed in the 40s by the American gynecologist Arnold Kegel. Scientifically recognized, they are used to reduce problems related to incontinence, premature ejaculation and other diseases related to the urinary system and sexual functions. Kegel exercises have been specially designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and are ideal for both men with incontinence and those who are not in control of ejaculation. They are also designed to vary and increase the intensity of orgasm.

The pelvic floor can weaken due to:

  • prostate surgery
  • constipation
  • hard works
  • chronic cough
  • obesity
  • sedentary

As for incontinence, it is first necessary to understand what the disorder derives from. For erectile dysfunction, on the other hand, attention must be paid to how the exercises are performed because if done incorrectly, they could worsen the sitation. However, these discomforts could arise from many factors not directly connected to the pelvic floor. It is therefore best to always consult your doctor.

Kegel exercises: how they are done

First you need to locate the pelvic muscle to avoid going to work on the wrong area.
Exercises should be done slowly, between or four times a day, as often as you like throughout the day. They can be performed anywhere, and at any time of the day: sitting, standing, lying down or in the tub / shower. Always remember to empty your bladder before starting because doing them with a full bladder can weaken the pubococcygeus muscle and thus cause difficulties in completely emptying the bladder later.

  • empty your bladder completely
  • squeeze the muscles to keep them in tension for 3-5 seconds
  • release and relax the muscles for 5 seconds. It is important not to strain the muscle too much
  • perform 8-10 repetitions
  • repeat 3 times a day (morning-afternoon-evening)

It is recommended not to exceed in these exercises because the opposite effect could be incurred (e.g. loss of urine)

Kegel exercises: how they work

These exercises are perfect for enhancing your sexual pleasure as it affects orgasm control. 
The advantages in the sexual field are:

  • control of ejaculation (they are in fact recommended against premature ejaculation. They have the advantage, compared to drug therapy, of not presenting side effects and furthermore the benefits seem to be long-term)
  • maintaining an erection
  • enhancement of your partner's pleasure

You can start at any age because, even if incontinence goes beyond the age of 45, we must not forget the important impact these exercises have on sexuality.

To do these exercises you can also use special devices designed specifically to train this muscles. On medical advice, it is possible to use these tools, useful for identifying the muscle and thus facilitating its exercise.

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