Kevin name for child: curiosity, spread and origin

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Kevin name

If we appreciate foreign names and want to make an original and more international choice for our baby, Kevin is a decidedly trendy male name, widespread all over the world. In this guide we discover what is the origin, the meaning and the spread of the Kevin name for child.

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  • Kevin's personality
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Origin of the name Kevin

Kevin originated as an Anglicized form of the Irish name Caoimhín, which originates in the ancient term Cóemgein, which was composed of the ancient Irish elements eat ("gentle", "fine", "beautiful") and gein ("birth"). Some sources refer it to the Celtic word 'gwen'which means "white, pure".

Spread of the name Kevin

The name was very popular in Ireland, but in the twentieth century it crossed borders and spread a great deal in the United Kingdom and the United States. Its popularity has also reached the country where even in 2005 it reached an absolute value of 1020. How many Kevin's are there in the country? The trend is however down: according to i ISTAT data related to the most popular names in the country, 2022 babies were named Kevin in 720.


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What is the meaning of the name Kevin

The meaning of the name Kevin is, therefore, "beautiful at birth"but also simply"pure".

Diminutive of Kevin

There isn't one female form of the name Kevin, the diminutive may be For.

When is Kevin's name day?

The name day is celebrated on 3nd June in memory of san Kevin at Glendalough, patron saint of Dublin. Saint Kevin, also called Coemgen, led the life of a hermit but his holiness attracted many disciples, so much so that around 550 he founded a monastery near Dublin, Ireland, to welcome them there. He died in 618. He is the second patron saint of Ireland after Saint Patrick.

Kevin's personality

Kevin has one double personality: on the one hand he is phlegmatic and cold, on the other very active and casual, almost passionate. He is certainly a caring, diplomatic and tolerant man. AND' bright and always exerts a certain fascination on those who meet him. He is very attentive to discipline and order.

Kevin is a very person be attentive to others, loves being outdoors, is organized and hardworking. He is reserved and often closed and silent, appreciates solitude and reflection. She is very thrifty and good at managing money. He is a modest person who is unlikely to boast of his successes.

Her existential anxiety it helps to make him doubt himself and his abilities and so, at times, he takes refuge behind an ironic smile and a detached attitude, repressing his sensitivity. Kevin is cerebral and intellectual, he is idealistic, curious and thoughtful.

What profession will Kevin do? He will probably be attracted to the humanities, but also to the professions in the technical and scientific fields.

What zodiac sign is associated with the name Kevin?

The zodiac sign that best represents Kevin's personality is that of Virgo, a fussy person, precise, organized, hardworking and attentive to others. His character pushes him to work hard for his professional success. His efficiency and seriousness are his main strengths.

What is Kevin's Gemstone

Kevin's birthstone is the diamond, symbol of strength and durability.

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What color is Kevin associated with?

Kevin is associated with the White, which evokes the purity and breadth of the mind.

What's Kevin's lucky number?

Kevin's number is 2, a number that refers to life as a couple and personal balance.

What song should you dedicate to Kevin?

Here is the piece entitled "Kevin" di Ryan Lewis, inserita nell'album This Unruly Mess I've Made del 2022

Famous people named Kevin

  • Kevin J. Anderson, writer
  • Kevin Bacon, actor, director and film producer
  • Kevin-Prince Boateng, footballer
  • Kevin Costner, actor, director, film producer
  • Kevin of Glendalough, Irish monk and saint
  • Kevin Kline, American actor
  • Kevin Spacey, American actor, film producer, director and screenwriter

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