Kindergarten, how to best deal with insertion

Now missing little to the recovery of the normals outdoor daily and for many small di 3 years the fateful is approaching meeting with the school maternal. For children which already are accustomed to go to the nest, passage it will be less "traumatic“, But for those who start with this adventure for the first time there might be some difficulties more. But the conditional is absolutely d ' the obligation: There are children who cry until elementary and others who, since immediately, they show themselves to be ready to stay distant da mum e Pope for some Now.

But how to help way their son ad face up to with peacefulness un step as fundamental as theinput to the school dell 'childhood?

For all “work out”It is an event sensitive e challenging which involves so many news and important changes. As I mentioned, the reaction it can be a lot different depending on character and temperament of each baby: but, in the end, even those that initially seem more distressed e desperate they will understand that the nursery school it's a world wonderful and full of surprises.

Here are some suggestion to approach at best al finish line area of nursery school with success. But starting from one Premise basic: i Primi to deal with calm  e patience this moment must be us Parents. Anything panic and nothing dramas: they are useless.

  • Talk dell 'asylum in very terms positive, also telling of episodes you have lived you in those years (if you don't remember them because it's been so long time, invent!). Get started already Now to do it, a few days before of by. Emphasize how great conquest both start the nursery school and that means it is becoming great.
  • Explain thing will doasylum: will play a lot and will learn a myriad di what's this which can then Inseparare a mum e Pope. Plus there will be many new ones friends to know.
  • Read on set of books on 'input to the school maternal: In library you will surely find something that is right for you. Alternatively, come up with one yourself history in which the protagonist lives its own exciting experience. Select stories that they also speak of outdoor that you carry out to the school maternal.
  • Show him thebuilding hosting theasylum and tell him with enthusiasm something like “Here's yours school maternal! ". If you pass casually over there, say hello cheerfully: “Hello school! I'll see you presto".
  • If you already know some children that will be companions of yours son (maybe because they have haunted same nest), arrange a pomeriggio di game together: when will the schooland they will recognize and it will surely be of help.
  • Listen always yours son: if it shows worried o restless, help him to to express its fears without minimize what he feels. We give for discounted that for children is always everything easy, but is not so. To be able to bring out his own fears it will make you feel it included e pampered and therefore more sure di .
  • Make sure that theinsertion is gradual. THE times of each bimbo they can be different: some appreciate immediately le news, others have need of a approach more soft. In the latter case, let him stay at school just a few Now al morning, then tornare a casa for the lunch.

Either way, keep well a mind that the teachers they are yours allied because - exactly like you - have a heart just one thing: welfare of yours son. Talk with them if you have doubts o perplexity on nursery school or on reactions of small: they will surely be ready a reassure you and to find any solutions together.

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