Labor: the positions to feel less pain

Positions to feel less pain during labor

The position to be held during labor and delivery is an absolutely subjective thing in fact almost all hospitals allow the pregnant woman to make any movement she prefers.
In particular, despite what we are led to believe, it is not necessary to stay nailed to bed all the time, indeed it is proven that the supine position present specific inconveniences for the child. L'uterus in fact, which in this position does not have the classic egg shape, it deforms unnaturally and could compress the large veins making it difficult or reducing the exchange of blood with the baby through the placenta.

The pains of labor

The pains of childbirth occur with intense uterine contractions, increasing in duration and more or less regular. On average, the typical contractions of an active labor are about 7 in 15 minutes with a minimum duration of 15-20 seconds each. The pains of childbirth for some women resemble severe renal colic, for others painful pangs around the waist, lower abdomen or localized on the back. But how to cope with the pains of childbirth? Among the natural analgesic techniques there are hot baths, localized massages in the area where the pain is most intense, and finally we see how the change of position can help reduce discomfort. Each woman will find a more comfortable position, which will help her withstand the pain; there are no rules, the advice is always to listen to your body and indulge it.

Positions of active labor

  • Standing or walking position

In the early stages of labor, the parturient usually experiences greater well-being by being in piedi (position that among other things helps the child to get off thanks to the force of gravity) o walking leaning against the wall against a piece of furniture or a partner during the contraction.

  • Swing pain

Swinging, rotating or tilting your pelvis can prove to be very helpful. Your baby who is about to be born will love being rocked, especially when the contractions come. This movement could help the pelvis open and the baby descend.

  • On your knees

It is also advisable to get in knee, especially in case of back labor, leaning on a chair or on the shoulders of your partner. It is also a recommended position in normal labor because it seems to reduce pain compared to the sitting position, because it allows to transfer the pressure of the push towards the lower part of the spine.


Positions to give birth earlier

  • Squatting

It is one of the most traditional positions, used by pregnant women since time immemorial. Squatting with the heels touching the ground and the knees apart in a position that resembles a frog opens the pelvis and the baby has as much room as possible to get off.

  • A carponi

Another recommended position to facilitate the descent of the child is the one on all fours, particularly suitable for relieving the backache and consists of getting on all fours with hands shoulder-width apart, paying particular attention not to arch the back. From this position it will then easily come spontaneous to lean forward by placing the forearms on the floor. Also this position for its prerogative to remove the child from the spine helps to relieve back pain. It may be important in this regard to spread the knees so that the abdomen remains suspended between them.

Less painful position to give birth

  • Sitting

Sitting on the bed or on a birth balloon, this position could relieve the pain of childbirth and contractions and help the baby descend down the birth canal. Delivery chairs are available in some facilities.

  • On the side

The side position is recommended if you are too tired to stand or sit. It is also indicated in the expulsive phase to slow down a too fast birth and decrease the intensity of pain. 

We remind you that there are no better positions than others during childbirth, and that you could start labor one way and end it by changing position. The important thing is to feel at ease and experience this magical moment in the best possible way, aware of your body and the indescribable emotion that you will feel when you have your child in your arms.

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