Language in children, the "rules" to help them speak

Premium passwords: another emozione great that our people give us small! Already from the very first months di "vita", the Parents they make a kind of "race" for to guess which will be the first pronounced by them puppy: Sara mum o Pope? In any case, for stimulate lo development of language in children you can do many what's this. We see which I'm.

First we emphasize that, as for the walk, every little one reaches the tappa of speak with its times: some are very precocious, others a little more lenses. In general, you have to worry if the child does not speak after i two years e mezzo or also three:. That's still everything first normal, even if it goes anyway reported al pediatrician.

In addition to the factor biological and naturally predisposition, in language in children theenvironment in which they live: the bond affective with i Parents and situations experienced together will processed until it becomes passwords. It will take del time, but it will be a long time very beautifull...

Here are the "rules bygoldWhich can help you help il language in children.

1- Talk often in casa, both between adults, both directly with bimbo. Even if it seems a little to you ridiculous, do it already by Primi days of "vita": to grow up in an excessively environment silent does not teach to communicate.

2- Talk so clear, addressing the child slow, punctuating the passwords and using a tone di voice nor too much subdued, nor too much high. If up to 6-8 months the "noise" of the voice, from this age it is good instead of the phrases are brevi and with terms simple to favor her comprehension.

3- Associate the word to one visual stimulus e tactile: the child learns more easily see all passwords mate acts of caution by the 'adult. As you turn to him, look at it negli eyes, caress it, cradle it. Talk to him while he is breastfeed, Durante it bath or cultural, of diaper explaining what you do.

4- Encourage always yours son, since the first clumsy attempts"correct it"With sweetness repeating the passwords more times, stimulate it with questions and reward the little ones successes.

5- For help il language in children, take cue from what happens about to you: the activities daily are full of ideas. Eat, walk, play offer multiple occasions for "discuss"Of what happens.

6- Guaranteed un environment calm and relaxed. a child growing in a climate quiet, in which it feels amato e following, perceives a sense of confidence by whoever is up to it close and makes him develop major safety in himself and in his own capacity. So here she will try to get herself to understand many ways.

7- Read on a lot and everything. And do it to you tall, starting with when it is neonate. THE books I'm a source inexhaustible of information, at all age: it's never too much presto to begin.

8- Provide the little one with an environment lively He is able to hasten its natural desire di learn, without however to exceed in stimuli continue and always different. The child learns from what is there about: continuously propose new ones stresses may be counterproductive and "stressarlo“. IN family, the games, the objects and sounds di casa constitute a world vast from explore: not necessary add many things each day.

9- They don't exist "obligatory steps": I'learning of language in children it's a process natural, that can be facilitated and made more pleasant. But it can't be tax. Each child has his own times and rhythms necessary for “metabolize" the information that receives. So, don't have it hurry.

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