Leon name for child: spread, origin and curiosity

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Leon's name

There are many variations of the name Leone, from Leonidas up to Leon, an international variant of this male name that is experiencing a moment of great popularity throughout Europe. 

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  • Is Leon a feminine or a masculine name?
  • Leon's personality
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  • What color is associated with Leon
  • What is Leon's lucky number
  • What a song to dedicate to Leon
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Origin and meaning of the name Leon

Leon is a variant of the our name Lion, which derives from the ancient Greek λεων (leon), which means "lion" and, in a broader sense, "courage, pride"


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Spread of the name Leon

Very popular in Greece and Rome in Antiquity, the name Leo was attributed to numerous prominent personalities, kings and popes. In Europe his popularity peaked at the end of the nineteenth century, and then gradually waned in the twentieth century. Leon and Leone are currently on the rise, also in Italy.

According to the ISTAT data relative to the most common names in Italy, in 1999 only 22 newborns were called Leon, while in 2022 there were 203. Leone is also experiencing a positive moment: in 1999 the absolute value was 21 while in 2022 it rose to 247.

When is Leon's name day?

In most cases lname day is celebrated on 10 November, when the Catholic Church remembers St. Leo the Great,.

Where do you put the emphasis?

Widespread in France, where it is among the most popular names, the name is written with the accent on E (Léon), while in the variants of other countries, for example in Spain, the emphasis is on O (Lion).

Is Leon a feminine or a masculine name?

Leon is the male variant, while for the female ones we find:

  • Leonia
  • Leonie
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Leon's personality

Rather conformist, Leon is a very organized, methodical and thoughtful person. He is also distinguished by his perseverance, patience and determination in all his endeavors. He likes to enjoy life and is distinguished by his great joie de vivre.

He is orderly, diplomatic, patient, loves explaining and convincing others.

E' calm, methodical, precise, has one strong personality. He is talkative, easygoing, sociable and knows how to make the most of life. He is a lover of order, he does not appreciate the unexpected.

Leon is a person reflective, always analyze the situation very carefully before making a decision. He is very sociable and has strong communication skills, he is a excellent speaker.

Generous and helpful, he is capable of great sacrifices for his loved ones. He is not interested in fickle and fleeting loves, he appreciates intelligent, pragmatic and good company people.

Leon is loyal and responsible and inspires confidence in anyone who can enter his world.

What profession will Leon do? The ideal professions are those in the business world (management, accounting, banking, economics ...), but also activities related to risk (police, army) and competition, such as sports. The free professions are also perfect.

What zodiac sign is associated with the name Leon?

The zodiac sign that best corresponds to Leon's character is that of Virgo, very rigorous and meticulous, he hates the unexpected and stands out for his strong organizational skills.

What is Leon's Gemstone?

Leon's gem is lo sapphire and symbolizes wisdom, trust and loyalty.

What color is associated with Leon?

Symbol of wisdom, truth and loyalty, the blu is the representative color of Leon. This shade is reminiscent of his fidelity in his romantic relationships.

What is Leon's lucky number?

Il 6 is Leon's lucky number and refers to family bond, attachment to home and loved ones.

What song should you dedicate to Leon?

We could only choose the very famous and exciting one "The circle of life"by Ivana Spagna, soundtrack of the famous film The Lion King.

Famous people named Leon

  • Leon Battista Alberti, architect, writer, mathematician and humanist
  • Leon Clarke, footballer
  • Leon Cooper, physicist
  • Leon Garfield, writer and screenwriter

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