Leonidas, name for child. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Leonidas, name for child

The choice of name is always an important moment for future parents. Sometimes we are pleased to take back the names of grandparents, parents, but more and more often, mothers and fathers document themselves, looking for names that are not only beautiful, but full of meaning.

Some choose to opt for foreign, modern names, others look to the past, searching among ancient names, biblical names, names of great leaders, kings who made history.

Leonidas is among them, If you want to give your child a strong name, a symbol of courage and integrity, this is undoubtedly the right choice. It is a name of Greek origin that is immediately associated with the king of animals, the lion. Today we are going to find out everything about this name, origin, meaning and curiosity.


Leonidas' name day is celebrated on 22th April on the occasion of St. Leonidas, martyr under the emperor Severus in 202. The name Leonidas also remembers St. Leonidas bishop of Athens, the 16th April and Blessed Leonid Fedorov, martyr priest in Kirov il 7 March

Varianti el paesene

Male: Leonidas
Female: Leonilda

Foreign versions

  • Leonid
  • Leonidas
  • Leonide

Origins and etymology of the name Leonida

The name Leonidas derives from the Greek "Lèonidas", composed of the terms "léon" and "eidos". It is a classic matrix name. It was the name of the king of Sparta Leonica I, who died in the battle of Thermopylae, against the Persians, in the XNUMXth century BC

King Leonidas was the son of the king of Sparta Anaxandridas II, belonging to the Agiadi family and succeeded his half-brother Cleomenes I. He died, with his 300 soldiers, in the battle of Thermopylae, during the second Persian war. The deeds of King Leonidas can be traced through the films "300" from 2007, directed by Zack Snyder and "The Hero of Sparta", from 1962 directed by Rudolph Maté.

Over time the name has been Latinized in Leonidas or Leonides, to come down to us in the form of "Leonida" in the masculine and "Leonilda" in the feminine. It is not a variant of Leo, nor a diminutive of it as many believe, but rather it means "descendant of Leo".

Meaning of the name Leonidas

As mentioned, the name Leonidas means "descendant of the lion" or "who has the shape of the lion", "similar to the lion", "son of a lion". 

Spread of the name Leonidas

The name Leonidas is not very common nowadays. According to research, there are about 2541 people named Leonidas in the country. This name was the 282th most chosen name in the country in 2022 and the 309th most chosen name in the country in 2022. It is a rare name, not present among the most popular names in the country in 2022, but it could be back in vogue. over the next few years, with many classic names returning.

Personality of a child named Leonidas

Leonidas is the right name for a strong, determined child, perhaps born under the zodiac sign of Leo. A tenacious character, a self-confident child, very independent, but also passionate and protective of the people he loves.

Leonidas is the name to choose if you want to give your child a message of courage, integrity, strength, the message to never give up, to always get up even in the face of adversity.

Zodiac sign

The zodiac sign that best reflects the characteristics of a child who bears the name Leonidas is, as anticipated, the sign of Leo. Leonidas is a leader, a driver, being the center of attention for him will never be a problem.

Precious stone

The stone commonly associated with the name Leo is aquamarine, while the metal is copper.


The color associated with the name Leonidas is blue which evokes serenity.

Lucky number

Leonidas' lucky number is 1. Leader from birth, always at the forefront, without fear. 

Famous people named Leonidas

Leonidas is the ancient name that over the centuries have brought kings, leaders and more. Below is the list of some personalities who were called like this:

  • Leonidas, Alexandrian poet
  • Leonidas I, king of Sparta
  • Leonidas II, king of Sparta
  • Leonidas of Taranto, ancient Greek poet
  • Leonida Barboni, director of photography el paeseno
  • Leonida Bertone, footballer and sports manager of the village
  • Leonida Bissolati, politician and the villager
  • Leonida Frascarelli, cyclist on the road and the village
  • Leonida Lucchetta, footballer and the village
  • Leonida Malatesta, leader of the village
  • Leonida Mastrodicasa, anarchist and the village
  • Leonida Rèpaci, writer, essayist, poet, playwright and painter of the countryside
  • Leonida Rosino, astronomer and scientist and the village
  • Leonida Schiona, aviator and the village
  • Leonida Tonelli, mathematician and the village

Song dedicated to Leonidas

To celebrate the birth of a child named Leonidas we have chosen the soundtrack of the Walt Disney film "The Lion King".

"The circle of life", sung by Ivana Spagna reminds us of the moment when little Simba is introduced to the other animals, he is the son of Mufasa, the son of the lion, which is also the etymological meaning of the name Leonidas:

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