Letter from a mother to a son

Letter to a male child

A mom from the Forum wrote one letter to a male child. His emotions and her feelings are certainly common to many other women who are raising children and so we would like to share these reflections with you.

When I learned I was expecting my first son, it was a shock. I was not prepared to raise a boy, raised in a family of all women, with a decidedly matriarchal attitude, the arrival of this baby had blown me away. I didn't know what males liked and the male world it was totally unknown to me and aroused a lot of fear.


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After six years I knew I was expecting another baby and the emotions were completely different, basically I was sorry not to have a girl but, unlike years before, it was a relief see another pea coming.

Today my two little men grow up calm and self-confident and are my main source of pride.

Raising boys it is an absolute physical strain. They are always on the move, have energy to spare and vigorously oppose when they feel like it.

Being with them is exhausting but when I arrive in the evening and watch them sleep in their beds I realize that raising males nowadays is a real thing. social challenge and I feel full of responsibility but also of satisfaction. So here's what I would like to write to my sons.

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you are my source of pampering and unconditional love. You are growing visibly and at times I find it hard to keep up with your changes and evolutions. Before you came into my life I did not know that there was a world full of superheroes, while today I know each of their powers and abilities individually and I do not feel stupid to discuss with you at the table what happens in the world of Asgard with a seriousness worthy of a company briefing.

I didn't know what dribbling meant and thought “veronica” was just a female name and not a particular move that takes a while to learn at football school.

I didn't think my two home televisions would be tuned to Champions League matches or pirate movies: take it or leave it.

And I did not imagine that your hearts would be inflamed already in the second grade for the little girl in the first grade, loved by all boys and that this feeling would have made you suffer.

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I would like to protect you from everything but I know that I cannot and it is not right and I am sure that any difficulty or discomfort or suffering will temper you and help transform you into strong, dark, serene and fulfilled men.

They will tell you that to demonstrate your strength as men you will have to fight, use violence, flex your muscles, they will tell you that men don't cry "like sissies" and that if you love a girl you don't have to tell them or even show them because otherwise she will take advantage of it. They will tell you that you have to challenge, win, attack, dominate, excel.

Instead, I try every day to teach you respect, empathy, solidarity.

And I would like to tell you that you just have to be yourself. And it's not easy. Because the first challenge is to understand who you are and then have the courage to be fully. I would like to give you the tools to enable you to face your fears and become men who wake up in the morning with a smile and with the knowledge that you are living your life as you want.

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