Lice, what a stress! Eliminating them naturally is possible

Despite the school is over, thenightmare of the lice stay. L'infestation of the small and avid parasitesin fact, unlike what you can think it is not linked only to the period school or to dirt of some luoghi o people. The old ones beliefs popular, in this case, are from debunk. Also d 'summer and above all also in beach, it is possible that the contagion.

But once the first has been overcome, it is inevitable reaction di repulsion you have to think about methods to eliminate, eradicate permanently e to prevent that lice come back on tests from our children. Here's how to do it too natural.

First of all we need to understand how precisely identify i lice: in the presence of strong pruritus to the forehead, of blushes on scalp and dots difficult whites to remove dai hair, we can be sure that i lice have nested between hair.

At this point it is necessary to intervene: there are methods natural ed effective, others don't resolutive or methods "chemicals”, With products found in pharmacy and which must be used later advice of pediatrician. Among the methods natural more effective definitely thevinegar di apples which, used in the proportion of one third and two thirds ofwater lukewarm, it can be applied on hair from root, tips.

After theapplication goes, however necessarily past the unpleasant as useful comb with teeth very tight, that you can find in any pharmacy: you have to pass it lock to lock carefully and without leave out areas of the forehead. After aNowand rinse i hair with a shampoo indicated for remove le eggs (also called nits) and proceed to pass the comb. The more it is tools in this operation, more is avoided that the eggs stay attack and lice can replicate.

Another method natural is to use a mix di oils essential: lavender essence , eucalyptus, thyme, tea tree o bergamot. The procedure then it's there itself of the previous one. Whatever the technique you mean use is critical to repeat application 7 10-days after the first.

Same natural mix or preventive sprays they can be used also all i giorni in small amount to apply behind le ears nut of children for discourage i lice, which are transmitted only for contact direct of tests or on hats e jackets.

For this reason, In addition to forehead of our child (and al control area of forehead of all components area of family) it will be necessary to wash sheets, pillows, puppets, Plush e to close in a envelope to two weeks the others objects not washable. THE liceIn fact, they die if they are not a contact to 24 hours with ours leather scalp, but they do not fear the lack byair.

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