Lillipops popsicles: a sweet help for expectant mothers

Lillipops popsicles: a sweet help for expectant mothers

During the first months of pregnancy, almost all women suffer from morning sickness. A small percentage of women also suffer from a rare disease, thehyperemesis gravidarum, an acute form of nausea and vomiting. The disorder occurs when the body is unable to compensate for theexcessive loss of mineral salts and fluids involving a risk of dehydration, and therefore requires specialist treatment, if not hospitalization.

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In fact, hyperemesis does not cause problems with gestation or at birth, however it can be a real torture, not to mention that this pathology is more widespread in mothers struggling with their first motherhood and in women who are expecting twins. But even for those suffering from "simple" nausea, the first months of pregnancy can be very difficult.

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An effective anti-nausea remedy is ice, which is an excellent alternative to foods and fluids. A sweet icy help is provided by Lillipops, special rehydrating popsicles that relieve heartburn and dry mouth feeling. The wide variety of flavors available allows you to range from the classic lemon and mint, to chamomile and orange, up to the most sought after lime, vanilla and ginger, ingredients chosen for their beneficial and antiemetic characteristics: chamomile is used to calm the stomach, mint to remove acidity and ginger to relieve nausea.


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Thanks to yours completely natural ingredients, without artificial colors and flavors, Lillipops popsicles have no contraindications and are recommended to all mothers to relieve the discomfort of the most known and widespread morning sickness, which affects over 80% of pregnant women, especially in the first months of gestation. A nourishing and refreshing solution for future mothers who will enjoy the unique experience of bringing their own little prince (or princess) into the world!

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