Losing weight without a diet: advice for mothers

How to lose weight without a diet

Lose a few pounds to get back into weight, to be able to fit into those beautiful old jeans or simply to look better is an obsession for many women. Going on a diet, however, is not for everyone, it involves numerous sacrifices and, without a good education to support it, the low-calorie diet is an end in itself and it is not easy to maintain results over time. However, losing weight without a diet is not impossibleindeed, very often it is the best solution. Here are some tips for you!

15 quick tips to lose weight without a diet 

  1. Eat little and often, the ideal is to do 3 main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and two snacks breaks hunger.
  2. Avoid between meals: after dinner candies, snacks, appetizers, sweets or chips.
  3. Drink lots of water, at least 1,5-2 liters per day, to eliminate excess fluids.
  4. Limit your consumption of foods that create bloating: Cruciferous vegetables, legume husks, dairy products, fats, foods containing sweeteners and all carbonated drinks.
  5. Minimize adding salt to food and the consumption of very salty foods (preserved foods, smoked foods, aged cheeses, cured meats, industrial foods)
  6. Avoid drinking sugary drinks, alcoholic and energetic that are rich in calories.
  7. Beware of fruit consumption, do not exceed 3 fruits per day.
  8. Green light to vegetables, raw and cooked, both for lunch and dinner at will.
  9. Measure the oil with a spoon and do not use other seasoning fats (butter, margarine, lard ...)
  10. Avoid adding sugar to food and drink. The same goes for brown sugar, honey and fructose.
  11. Always read the labels and compare the products with each other.
  12. Use the dark chocolate to satisfy the desire for sweet.
  13. Fill up on fibers: legumes, whole grains and raw vegetables.
  14. Edit recipes to make them lighter, using less sugar, butter and oil.
  15. Avoid ready-made or pre-cooked products, remember that homemade is always better!

Methods for weight loss without a diet after a child 

  • Follow a healthy diet

La breakfast must be abundant and can include: milk or yoghurt, coffee, tea or fruit juice together with some rusks, bread or simple cereals and a fruit. The lunch it is the richest meal, do not give up on pasta, but be careful with the condiments and avoid nibbling on ham or cheese afterwards! Dinner must be light (avoid fatty meats, aged cheeses and cured meats) and varied, always accompanied by a large portion of vegetables and a little bread. The snacks they must be snacks and not binges, a fruit, a yogurt or a slice of homemade donut are ideal!

  • Get moving

Very often an active and hectic life is not enough to keep fit, so it is good that you dedicate every day at least 30- 40 minutes of physical activity! There are basically three options: start practicing a sport or take courses in the gym, practice a free activity outside the home and finally create a small gym in your own home. The first option has two important advantages: you have a fixed commitment and it is therefore more difficult to fail and at the same time it is more fun, you are in company and you create friendships, so someone could do it more willingly. At the same time, however, it also has an important disadvantage, that is, it generally only takes 2 or 3 days a week, which are few, so it should be integrated with some other activity. The second option can include beautiful walks in the open air with your children, jogging, cycling or free swimming, activities that do not have fixed times and are therefore more comfortable for those who have a very busy day. For some, however, the best alternative is that of practice exercises at home for example, using a treadmill, an exercise bike or weights and performing bodyweight exercises. Here, despite the extreme comfort, there is a risk of abandoning the activity after a short time and of performing the exercises incorrectly if you are not an expert. Remember that physical activity is not only a source of energy expenditure, it is also the only truly effective method of increasing metabolism. Recording your progress can be an effective stimulus to maintain this healthy habit.

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How to lose weight without a diet, tips 

Is there a way to lose weight effortlessly? Without following diets and playing sports? Of course yes! Just forget the clichés and follow these directions that will lead you to eat less and above all better, without the slightest effort.

  1. Get used to feeling the sense of hunger and satiety. In fact, often today we no longer eat out of hunger, but because we are bored, sad, because we want to reward ourselves or simply because there is food on the table. Then learn to listen to your stomach, do not watch television while you eat and always ask yourself. "Am I really still hungry?".
  2. Weigh yourself. Once a week, fasting in the morning and record your weight in a notebook. In this way you will immediately notice changes: if the weight has increased you will be encouraged to do better, while if it has decreased it will give you the right motivation to continue doing well!
  3. Watch out for shopping. Do not be tempted by the offers or products on display, make a list of what you really need, avoiding unhealthy and high-calorie products and once you reach the supermarket, buy only those. If there are no tempting foods at home, it will be easier to eat healthy.
  4. Prepare the right amount of food. Once you have finished your portion, you will avoid making an encore or continuing to eat what is on the table.
  5. Avoid unnecessary calories. Avoiding candies, sugary or alcoholic drinks will allow you to save many calories without eating less. Slowly reducing the amount of sugar you add to your coffee or tea will allow you to gradually get used to a less sweet taste, until you can save yourself all those calories without too much effort.
  6. While cooking, nibble on raw vegetables. This will prevent many from tingling here and there during the preparation of the meal and at the same time it will fill your stomach a little thus reducing your sense of hunger.
  7. Enter a abundant plate of vegetables at each main meal, seasoned with a scant spoonful of raw extra virgin olive oil and lots of spices, avoiding adding salt.
  8. Prefer products with whole grains, but not seasoned! In fact, we often fall back on wholemeal sandwiches, crackers or baked goods convinced that it is a healthy and dietary choice, but be careful, wholemeal does not mean light! These products are in fact rich in fats, sugars and salt to increase their palatability. The best choice is always a simple bread, preferably wholemeal, but without salt, oil or other condiments!
  9. Drink lots of water. Drinking water is very important to maintain vital functions and more, it also allows you to eliminate excess fluids and the toxins contained in them, counteracting water retention and cellulite and decreases the sense of hunger.
  10. Stay active. Having an active life does not necessarily imply playing sports. Making short trips on foot, using the stairs, walking the children or the dog are good ways to keep yourself moving and thus promote energy expenditure.

Tricks to lose weight after childbirth 

In a pregnancy with physiological weight gain, this is gradually disposed of in the months following the birth, especially thanks breastfeeding, which is an important source of energy expenditure. In some cases, however, too much weight accumulates during gestation, or not being able to breastfeed it is difficult to dispose of these extra pounds, so what to do?

  • Breastfeed as much as possible, it allows you to burn a lot of calories and has been shown to be very important for your baby's health.
  • Try to keep the breakdown of the day into 3 main meals and 2 snacks, even if with a small child the schedules will be very high. Therefore, avoid eating continuously or, on the contrary, skipping meals for the short time available.
  • Drink a lot, in fact, during breastfeeding, the need for fluids increases considerably.
  • Avoid ready-made / precooked foods or industry products to save time. These products are in fact rich in fats and sugars that will not be good for either your figure or your baby. Remember that the simpler the better.
  • Make sure you always have the pantry full of fruit and vegetables, in fact, these foods must never be missing in your day. Fruit is ideal for a quick snack both at home and out, while a nice vegetable soup will provide you with all the vitamins and minerals you need to recharge after a long and busy day.
  • Learn to organize yourself so that you always find time for prepare your meals at home and indulge yourself with tasty and light recipes.
  • By learning to manage your time you will also be able to cut out a few minutes each day to devote to physical activity. This is essential, not only to promote weight loss, but also to firm up and recover some tone where an important weight loss has occurred. Moving is not impossible, even with a small child. You will have to take advantage of the beautiful days to go out for a while and take nice walks together, while when this is not possible you will have to do some exercise at home. While the child is quiet, you can exercise with a treadmill or exercise bike, go up and down stairs, do free body exercises (abdominals, push-ups, push-ups…) and use household items such as weights to tone the arms. An important recommendation, however: after giving birth there will be many things to do, so it is good that the recovery of the ideal weight does not become an obsession and an additional source of stress for the new mother. Remember that it will take months to return to your size and not a few days.
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