Make-up and cosmetics during pregnancy: the best brands and all the answers

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Cosmetics in pregnancy

When we discover that we are pregnant, we begin to pay more and more attention to what comes into contact with our body. In the first place these concerns relate to nutrition, but even those who love to wear makeup are starting to wonder if what they put on their face could harm the baby's health. There are many conflicting opinions on this subject, and this is why today we want to clarify an aspect that, although secondary, we know that many of you are interested in, that of cosmetics in pregnancy and skin care in pregnancy.

Beauty in pregnancy

During pregnancy, for many of us taking care of our beauty becomes even more important: partly because of the changes taking place in our body, partly because our condition can lead to some rather common imperfections, such as acne or dark circles caused by insomnia. There is nothing wrong with wanting to take care of your appearance, if we continue to see it as a cuddle aimed at ourselves and not as having to always be perfect. In general, i can continue to be used during pregnancy own make-up and cosmetics, albeit with some extra attention to hygiene: for example, you shouldn't share make-up brushes, lipsticks & Co. with other people. A general rule that applies even more when you are pregnant. More attention instead requires white cosmetics: there are some creams that are contraindicated in pregnancy (typical cases are those against cellulite and even stretch marks). In some cases this information is indicated on the package, but other times we need to know the ingredients that, in high doses, could be dangerous.

Can you wear make-up during pregnancy?

How to wear make-up during pregnancy? Usually in pregnancy the cosmetics, intended as make-up, which should be avoided are those that contain parabens or traces of lead in their formulations. Mineral cosmetics can be favored, based on organic or natural ingredients, but in general, any product that meets the safety standards established by European cosmetic legislation, which for example prohibits the presence of nickel and heavy metals, can be used.

Best brands of cosmetics in pregnancy

A brand that is often mentioned among those recommended for pregnant women is Lush. Famous for its fabulous bath products, Lush also has a rich line of make-up including liquid lipsticks, eyeliner, all kinds of face base products… in short, everything you need to create a complete look.

bionik it is also a brand that can be easily found in pharmacies and which has made efficacy and safety its strengths. Its make-up products are specifically designed for sensitive skin, which often happens during pregnancy.

With regard to the eco-friendly cosmetics, two excellent brands are then Lavera e PuroBIO. The same companies are also advisable for the products of white cosmetics, such as creams & co. BeMama is another interesting brand, as it offers products that are normally "prohibited" in pregnancy, such as anti-cellulite creams, in a safe version. Finally, a brand that offers a wide range of makeups with an excellent quality / price ratio, and organic, is PuroBIO.

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Cosmetics in pregnancy: passed and rejected

In pregnancy, we are talking about more than products ingredients. Whenever we buy a new product, it is good to read the list of ingredients carefully to make sure that there are not some that are considered dangerous in pregnancy. Not all creams, in fact, carry the words "to be avoided during pregnancy". Specifically, the ingredients at risk for face creams are:

  • retinol (found in some anti-aging creams)
  • benzoyl peroxide (or benzoperoxide or benzoyl peroxide) and salicylic acid (found in many acne creams)
  • hydroquinone (found in some creams that treat skin blemishes)

In pregnancy, then, also to prevent skin spots (melasma), it is essential to use a sunscreen. But even here we have the "pass and fail". The creams they have should be avoided chemical filters, whose safety has yet to be fully ascertained, and favor those with physical filters.

Nail polishes in pregnancy

Another category under investigation is that of enamels, for which the ingredients at risk are:

  •  formaldehyde
  • toluene
  • camphor
  • dbp

But in this case, almost all the most famous nail polish brands now fall into the "3Free" or "4Free" or "5Free" category. So, not only organic brands but also mainstream brands like Pupa or Essie can be used without problems. The only precaution is to try not to inhale the nail polish while wearing it (for example by airing the room) and avoid putting it on if there are obvious cuts or cracks on the cuticles.

KIKO tricks in pregnancy

Kiko is one of the most loved make-up brands, and for good reason: its products on average have an excellent value for money. But are they safe in pregnancy? Yes, since they respect the regulations CEE and USA-FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and do not contain heavy metals or parabens. The only contraindications for this brand concern some products of the body line dedicated to the belly and breasts. However, you can easily check the list of ingredients on each package of Kiko products.

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The best brands of foundation in pregnancy

During pregnancy it can happen that our skin changes… and not always for the better! If some of us suddenly exhibit one smooth and luminous epidermis, others find themselves struggling with blemishes and acne. Hence, for many the foundation it is an essential cosmetic. What beauty tips to give you? If you decide to opt for organic, natural or "pharmacy" foundations, you will still be spoiled for choice because there is no shortage of valid products. We have the already mentioned bionik, with its range of face products. Compact colored creams from Avène and also La Roche Posay offers several high quality face products, one of the most famous being the concealer in pen. Among the organic and natural, the foundations of Sante, So Bio and Avril are very popular, and the liquid foundation, light but with medium coverage, by Deborah Pure Formula.

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