Making love in the room where the baby sleeps. Yes or no?

If your child sleeps in the room with you, the concern is always the same: Is it right to exchange affectionate affection in front of the little ones?

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There are many couples who have sexual intercourse with children in the room, thinking that they sleep a lot and that they do nothing wrong. Not to mention those who make love with the child in Latvian, as happens in Sweden. And if they woke up, what would their reaction be? Have you ever thought about what effect it might have on your child's mind, seeing you making love or indulging in passionate and lascivious scenes?

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Beyond that curious and at the same time frightened expression, which you will see on his face, and his questions:
"but what awful thing are mom and dad doing?","Mama why did you scream, daddy hurt you?"etc., surprising one's parents can be traumatizing for a little one. As we read on an article by Magicmaman this could mark his personality and orient his sexuality. For example, a child may not understand what she is seeing, and may interpret the moans as a message or a sign of pain. It is therefore necessary to explain to him that this is not the case.

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But fortunately these episodes are not always traumatizing for the little ones, and in some cases they are typical of a phase of the child's life (around 3 years old) where he becomes aware of his sexual identity and shows curiosity about what happens in the room where mum sleeps. and dad. What he can discover could teach him, according to some psychologists, that his father and mother love each other and that they share aspects of life that do not interest him and which he must respect "privacy". But how to make him understand this barrier between him and your intimacy as a couple, if the scene takes place under his eyes, in the room where he too sleeps?

Many parents, on the other hand, wonder if they can indulge in spicy brackets in front of a baby, who is not yet of the age to understand what is happening. Also in this case the opinion of the psychologists is unequivocal. Even if the children sleep or are very young they hear the noises and "breathe" the atmosphere of the room. Children are sponges, influenced, even more so by children, by the surrounding world. Babies, for example, are very sensitive to their parents' breathing, which is essential for them to calm down.

So it's always better to make love away from the baby's eyes and ears


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