Male names: the most beautiful, the classic, the original and the trendy ones

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Male names

Is a boy on the way and has the name hunt already begun? Some couples will be arguing about whether or not to bestow a name classic or original, perhaps foreign or particularly trendy, someone else doesn't have much choice and will opt for a name with a long family tradition. To help you in the arduous (and exciting) task of choosing the name for the unborn child, here is a broad overview of male names.

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Male names 2022

Based on polls and questions from our little planets about names for babies, here's what they might be the male names most loved by the el paeseni in 2022:

  • Alessandro
  • Lorenzo
  • Diego
  • Thomas
  • Riccardo
  • Matteo
  • Lorenzo
  • Leonardo
  • Gabriele
  • Edoardo
  • Samuel

Alessandro maintains its position in the ranking of the 10 favorite names of the el paeseni parents (currently it ranks third). Uphill Riccardo and Tommaso, especially in the foreign version Thomas. Lorenzo, among the most traditional names, chosen by mothers, is confirmed to be among the most loved. For the new entries, we record "Samuele" and "Diego", but foreign names are also increasingly popular and popular, such as:

  • Liam (which in the United States is the first most common name) ù
  • Noah
  • Nathan.

Most used male names

What are the most used and widespread names in the country? Knowing this could help us in the choice so that we can avoid giving a name too much.

Here is the complete ranking of ten male names most loved by parents and the villagers in 2022 with meaning.

  1. Leonardo: Strong as a lion
  2. Francesco: Coming from France
  3. Alessandro: protector of men
  4. Lorenzo: he who is surrounded by laurel
  5. Mattia: gift from God
  6. Thomas: twin
  7. Gabriel: strong man of God
  8. Andrea: strong, virile
  9. Riccardo: brave leader
  10. Edward: guardian of prosperity

On the ISTAT website you can use a calculator that lets you know how many children in the country are called in a certain way.


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Baby names | The origins and meanings of baby names

Beautiful but uncommon masculine village names

There are several beautiful but uncommon masculine village names that we can give to our baby. Ancient, original names, names of emperors or of feminine characters in history. They are certainly little used names, but no less beautiful. Here is a list of 10 uncommon male names:

  • Aeneas
  • Caesar
  • Ivo
  • Eros
  • Arthur
  • Nevio
  • hector
  • Tancredi
  • Michelangelo
  • Adam

Male names and the country

The name must also inspire both the parents and the people who will meet the baby. Each name has a particular meaning, perhaps ancient origins, and in some way choosing one name rather than another means wishing your children to possess certain gifts or to have a beautiful and bright future. Some ideas for gods male baby names:

  • Alessio: the one who saves or protects
  • Roberto: shining with glory
  • Valerio: strong and robust
  • Compound names: Pierluigi, Gianmaria, Giancarlo are all compound names. Two more common names that joined together give a more original and articulated name.
  • Maurizio: selfless and generous
  • Emanuele: means God is with us. The original Hebrew name is Immanuel, so you can also opt for the variant with two Ms, Emmanuel

A list of the most common names and villages with their meanings

Standings Full name Meaning
1 Francesco Coming from France
2 Leonardo Strong as a lion
3 Thomas Twin
4 Matteo Man of God, or gift of God
5 Andrea Strong, virile, courageous
6 Emanuele God with us
7 Lorenzo He who is girded with laurel
8 Niccolò Winner with or for the people
9 Filippo He who loves horses
10 Edoardo Prosperity Guardian
12 Alessandro Protector of men
13 Riccardo Valiant leader
14 Gabriele Strong man of God
15 Santiago Follower of God
16 Daniele Divine judge
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Classic male names

If you like the classic male names, but you do not want to call your child with a name that is widely used such as Francesco or Alessandro, we recommend a list of classic names, but a little retro, not very common and chosen by the parents and the villagers.

  • Alberto, the meaning of which is shining, widespread in the north and the country during the Middle Ages
  • Corrado which means "who gives bold advice". It is a name of medieval origin.
  • Ernesto whose meaning is "severe" or "eagle". The origin is uncertain, it is probably of Germanic derivation.
  • Giuliano which means "belonging to the gens Iulia (patrician family) is an original name of the ancient city
  • Ivan is a name linked to Russian history that recalls the famous Tsar Ivan IV, called the Terrible. This name means "God had mercy"

Peculiar male names

The couples of VIP parents seem to hold the absolute primacy for particular and decidedly names strange given to their children. We could think of taking inspiration from them and choosing, for example Leo or Ocean. But here are some other suggestions.

  • Glaucous: silver, shimmering
  • Juri: Russian adaptation of the name George
  • Wolf: very popular in the past
  • Tancredi: a name that refers to nobility and heroes

American male names

Various inspirations come from the United States and England for names that still have a long tradition but if given to a child, the village seems to enjoy a new life. Here are the most popular American names in the country in recent years.

  • Jacob
  • Michael
  • Ethan
  • Joshua
  • Daniel

Short male names

Why opt for a short name? The choice is highly recommended for those with a long surname. The whole is more musical and harmonious and saying your name and surname and memorizing it will be immediate and easy. So here are some ideas for short male names: Aldo, Dino, Leo, Ivo, Luca, Milo, Nico.

Male names starting with the letter A.

If you are choosing among the names to give to your child and would like a name that starts with the letter A, here is a list of the 10 most beautiful:

  1. Andrea
  2. Alberto
  3. Amedeo
  4. Alessandro
  5. Alessio
  6. Armando
  7. Agostino
  8. Aurelio
  9. Antonio
  10. Aron

Names starting with the letter B.

Here is a list of baby names starting with the letter B:

  • Bruno
  • Blessed
  • Benny
  • Biagio
  • Brando
  • Blessed

Names starting with the letter C.

Here is a list of baby names starting with the letter C:

  • Christian
  • Cristian
  • Claudio
  • Carmine
  • Cyrus
  • Corrado
  • Carlo
  • Caesar
  • Carlo

Names starting with the letter D.

Here is a list of baby names starting with the letter D:

  • Dante Alighieri
  • Dario
  • Davide
  • Daniele
  • Damiano
  • Diego
  • Domenico
  • Dino

Baby names that start with the letter E.

Here is a list of baby names starting with the letter E:

  • Aeneas
  • hector
  • Eduardo
  • Evan
  • Eugenio

Baby names that start with the letter F.

Here is a list of baby names starting with the letter F:

  • Fulvio
  • Flavio
  • Federico
  • Fabrizio
  • Filippo
  • Francesco
  • Fabio

Foreign male names

In recent years we have seen the increasingly widespread fashion of conferring foreign names, of Middle Eastern, Asian origin, with an exotic sound. It is definitely a modern and innovative choice, but be careful to ensure that the name harmonizes well with the surname which will obviously be el paeseno. So here are some ideas for some foreign names for boy.

  • Nathan: since Elisabetta Gregoraci and Flavio Briatore named their child this way, the spread of this name has increased considerably. Nathan means "God gave, gift of God"
  • Thomas: comes from ancient Aramaic and means twin. It is the foreign variant of our Thomas
  • Zaire: a name of clear African origin
  • Alexander: a foreign and more international variant of our Alessandro, rooted in both French and Anglo-Saxon traditions.

Biblical male names

The Bible is an encyclopedia of names among which we can range to choose one that has a centuries-old history and perhaps is full of meaning. Here are some ideas.

The names of the apostles they seem to be timeless and never go out of fashion: Luca, Matteo, Paolo. But we can also look beyond.

  • Gabriel, symbol of the angel announcing the arrival of Jesus
  • John, throughout his life at the side of the Savior and his witness until death
  • Moses, one of the greatest characters of Christianity, a point of reference for the Jewish people and the sole depositary of the laws of God.
  • Giuseppe, the husband of Mary, who raised little Jesus as a son, a symbol of fidelity, trust, fatherly and family love
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The most beautiful names in the Bible

Eve, Adam, Maria, Anna and many others. The Bible is full of beautiful names for children

Trending male names for 2022

Among the trending male names for 2022 there are still Leonardo, Lorenzo, Alessandro and Matteo. Among the trends there will also be classic names such as Leonardo, which is currently al first place of the ranking of most popular male names in the country second the STATE. For biblical names the most used will be Gabriel, Luca (very popular until a few years ago and which now seems to be returning to new popularity) e Thomas. While between the original names at the top of the ranking are:

  • Tobia, name of Hebrew origin which means "the Lord is my good".
  • Edoardo: Of Anglo-Saxon origin it means "curator of property and assets".
  • Jacopo: name of Hebrew-Aramaic origin. It means "faithful follower of God"
  • Milo: which means "good in spirit"
  • Elia, a name of Hebrew origin which, according to ISTAT, is climbing the rankings by leaps and bounds.

Furthermore, they will certainly be very fashionable:

  • Christian, for all CR7 fans;
  • Santiago, still very popular thanks to the Belen Stefano De Martino couple who named their child in this way;
  • Thomas: the foreign variant of the classic Thomas which is increasingly popular (in 2022 1201 babies were named)
  • Gabriel: an increasingly popular name, even in 2022 1490 children were imposed
  • Lion: so the couple Ferragni-Fedez called their firstborn,
  • Liam: which means helmet of the will and which is clearly on the rise in the ranking (in 2022 Liam 1004 children were called)
  • Lucas: the English variant of the name Luca which can be an original choice with an international flavor
  • Brando, diminutive of Aldobrando, while it seems to be back in fashion Jacopo, a rather popular name until ten years ago that has suffered a decline in recent times
  • Noah: the foreign version of the classic Noah that is conquering the parents and the villagers.

List of names for children and their meanings

Here is a list of all the male names on the site. By clicking on the name you can discover his meaning

  • Alberto
  • Alessandro
  • Andrea
  • Angelo
  • Antonio
  • Arthur
  • Ascanio
  • Bruno
  • Claudio
  • Cristian
  • Damiano
  • Davide
  • Dario
  • Diego
  • Edoardo
  • Emanuele
  • Aeneas
  • hector
  • Evan
  • Etienne
  • Enrico
  • Erik
  • Fabrizio
  • Federico
  • Filippo
  • Francesco
  • Gabriele
  • Joel
  • Giuseppe
  • Jacopo
  • Leonardo
  • Leonidas
  • Lorenzo
  • Luca
  • Marco
  • Marcello
  • Massimiliano
  • Matteo
  • Mattia
  • Maurizio
  • Michelangelo
  • Nathan
  • Niccolò
  • Noah
  • Peter
  • Raffaele
  • Riccardo
  • Roberto
  • Samuel
  • Santiago
  • Sebastiano
  • Simone
  • Stefano
  • Thomas
  • Valerio
  • Vincenzo
  • Walter

Male names preferred by mothers of

We asked the moms who follow us on Instagram to tell us what their favorite names for boys are. Here is the list of male names that our little planets like. There are many confirmations of classic names such as Alessandro, Marco, Mattia in different versions, Luca, but also new foreigners such as Christopher and Joele.

  • Diego
  • Mattia
  • Samuel
  • Luca
  • Marco
  • Alessandro
  • Francesco
  • Mathias
  • John
  • Matteo
  • Giulio
  • Christopher
  • Joel
  • Fabrizio
  • Joshua
  • Massimo
  • Joshua

15 tips to choose the baby's name

In this video we give you many tips and suggestions to make the right choice: what to consider, what the law says, when you can choose a compound name and many other tips

Male Noun Dictionary

Consulting a dictionary of names with the origin, meaning and personality of the person who bears the chosen name can be useful for future parents. On you will find a complete guide to male names with all the information and curiosities to be able to choose the most suitable name for the baby on the way.

Book of names

To choose the name for the new arrival, we can also consult a book of names. We can buy it in bookstores or online. Here is a text where you will find many male names with meanings and origin.

The book of names for him and for her € 6,55 € 6,90 -5% See the offer

Finally, here is a series of more specific resources, all read and deepen, to find the most suitable name for your child among many.

  • Baby names inspired by TV series
  • Baby names inspired by precious stones
  • Geographical place-inspired baby names
  • Really bad baby names
  • Baby names inspired by books
  • Baby names inspired by love
  • Hipster names for babies
  • Cinema-inspired baby names
  • Sea-inspired baby names
  • Sun-inspired baby names
  • Color-inspired baby names

How to choose the name of the child?

The pedagogist answers Lucilla Targetti, author of "The great book of names"

  • Don't rush to pick the right name.
  • Avoid names that are already compromised or full of meaning, which could weigh on the child or generate expectations. Sometimes they are given names of famous people or from the history of culture, or entertainment or relatives no longer alive who have held particular roles and which may not too favorably affect the future unborn child.
  • Names are many and it is important also consult their meaning because it has an important role and the meaning must be made to resonate

I remember the words of the mother in the story, who answers the question of the little girl where the names come from  "the names come from afar and at a certain point you feel that it is the right one as it happened to ame when I saw you for the first time "

The name has to do with its origins with family roots, they come from afar. And waiting is a period in which parents prepare themselves in every sense to welcome a gift, their child to also pass a sense of family identity. The name is the result of a long wait, a preparation, a parental maturation, and consequently a strong sign of family belonging.

Questions and answers

What are the most popular male and village names in the country?

The 20 most popular male names in the country are these: - Leonardo- Francesco- Alessandro- Lorenzo- Mattia- Andrea- Gabriele- Riccardo- Tommaso- Edoardo- Matteo- Giuseppe- Nicolò- Antonio- Federico- Diego- Davide- Giovanni- Christian - Peter

What does the name Aeneas mean?

Given the uncertain origin of the name, the meaning of the name Aeneas can be: - "Worthy of praise", "praised", derived from aine or ainos which means, precisely, recognition, praise; - "Terrible" which is another possible meaning of the term ainos It is the name of the famous Trojan hero, son of Anchises and Aphrodite, goddess of love. He was the defender of Troy. Legend has it that he was the founder of the city. The name day is celebrated on November 15 in memory of Sant'Enea di Faenza, who died in 1437.

What are the most beautiful particular male names?

- Alberto- Achille- Pietro- Giulio- Corrado- Ivan- Oscar- Jacopo- Leone- Filippo

What does the name Edoardo mean?

The name Edward derives from the ancient Anglo-Saxon term Eadweard, composed of ead ("property", "wealth" or "rich", "blessed") and werd ("guardian"). The meaning of Edward, therefore, can be interpreted as "guardian of wealth" but also "rich guardian".

What are the most used short male names in the country?

- Eros- Ivan- Ciro- Benny- Bruno- Rino- Vito- Elio- Ivo - Noah

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