Male Noun Dictionary: Meaning and Origin

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Dictionary of male names and country and foreign

A boy is arriving at home and, in addition to preparing everything necessary to welcome him in the best possible way, the moment arrives when the choice of name. A transition certainly not always easy. Sometimes the name comes naturally and mum and dad agree, other times, however, the choice of the ideal name to give to your child turns out to be more difficult: ancient name or modern name? el village or foreigner? You buy the book of names, you go in search of the meaning on the net and it is right to think carefully, because that will be the name that will somehow define the identity of your little one, even when he grows up.

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Knowing how much every mum and dad care about choosing the name of their baby, today we dedicate ourselves to dictionary of male names and country and foreigners. A real guide to help you find the perfect name.

Male names

Let's delve into the variegated world of male names, the one that all parents have to deal with when they discover they are expecting a beautiful boy. From classic to original names, from austere names, to modern, foreign, trendy, long, short, beautiful but uncommon names. The overview is really wide, but it offers you a long one name list present on the site that you may like (by clicking on each name you can find out its meaning).

  • Alberto
  • Alessandro
  • Andrea
  • Angelo
  • Antonio
  • Arthur
  • Ascanio
  • Bruno
  • Claudio
  • Cristian
  • Damiano
  • Davide
  • Dario
  • Diego
  • Edoardo
  • Emanuele
  • Aeneas
  • Evan
  • Fabrizio
  • Federico
  • Filippo
  • Francesco
  • Gabriele
  • Joel
  • Giuseppe
  • Jacopo
  • Leonardo
  • Leonidas
  • Lorenzo
  • Luca
  • Marco
  • Marcello
  • Massimiliano
  • Matteo
  • Mattia
  • Maurizio
  • Michelangelo
  • Nathan
  • Niccolò
  • Noah
  • Omar
  • Peter
  • Raffaele
  • Riccardo
  • Roberto
  • Samuel
  • Santiago
  • Sebastiano
  • Simone
  • Stefano
  • Thomas
  • Valerio
  • Vincenzo
  • Walter

Meaning of the names

Unless you have a traditional family name, or you already have clear ideas about the name to give, the choice of mothers and fathers is mainly based on the meaning. We are looking not only for a name that is pleasant to the sound and which, perhaps, fits well next to the surname of the family, but we go to look for what that name means, if it has ancient, biblical, mythological origins, because the name is forever and the parents - rightly so - they want it to be a perfect name for their baby.

Here are 10 of the most used names in the country with their meaning next to them:

  1. Leonardo: name of Lombard origin. Looking at the root and the origin of the name Leonardo, we go back to its meaning which is "brave lion, courageous lion".
  2. Francis: from the medieval Latin name Franciscus, which means "Franco", that is "belonging to the people of the Franks". The meaning of the name is "one who is free".
  3. Alexander: from the Greek Alexandros, a name of very ancient origins, it means "the man who helps", or "he who defends" or, again, "protector of men".
  4. Lorenzo: derives from the Latin cognomen Laurentius, which was brought by the inhabitants of the ancient Lazio city of Laurentum. It means "resident of Laurentum", or "he who is girded with laurel".
  5. Mattia: it deviates from the biblical Greek Matthias. The name is composed of the two terms mattath ("gift") and Yah (short for YHWH, the Hebrew name for God) and therefore the meaning is "gift of God"
  6. Andrea: has origins grechem derives from andros, in reference to masculinity. But it can also be connected to the term andreia, which indicates virility, strength, valor. In any case, the meaning of the name can be traced back to the idea of ​​"male" and masculinity as opposed to femininity.
  7. Gabriel: comes from the Hebrew name Gavri'el, meaning "man of God", "strong man of God", but also "strength of God".
  8. Richard: name of Germanic origin that comes from the union of the terms ric (domain) and hard (strong). It means "strong lord," valiant leader "," brave power ".
  9. Thomas: comes from the Aramaic name Ta'oma or Te'oma, which was later rendered into Greek and Latin with Thomas. It is a name of biblical origin, it means "twin".
  10. Edward: derives from the ancient Anglo-Saxon term Eadweard, composed of ead ("property", "wealth" or "rich", "blessed") and werd ("guardian"). It means "guardian of wealth" but also "rich guardian".

Boy names starting with A

  1. Alberto: name of Germanic origin, means of noble lineage
  2. Man: name of biblical origin, from "Adam", the first man, means "born of the Earth", or "Human"
  3. Andrea: name of Greek origin, it means "virile", "masculine"
  4. Albert: (Alberto in the variant el paesene) name of Germanic origin, it means "noble", "brilliant", "illustrious"
  5. Almiro: name of Celtic origin and means "that is like the sun"
  6. Aurelius: name of Latin origin and means "shines like the sun"
  7. Augustine: name of Latin origin and means "venerable"
  8. Alfred: is a name of Saxon origin and means "wise in peace"
  9. Amos: name of Greek origin, later Latinized, and taken from Hebrew. The meaning is "strong", "robust", or "carried by God"
  10. Arnaldo: it is a name of Germanic origin and means "reigning eagle".

Boy names starting with B.

  1. Bruno: name that derives from the old Danish, it means "brown, dark".
  2. Bernard: in memory of Bernardo di Chiaravalle, abbot. It comes from Old German and means 'brave bear'.
  3. Benjamin: derives from Hebrew Benjámin and means "beloved son of the right".
  4. Bryan: name of Celtic origin, the etymology is not certain, it could mean "hill, high", "hell", "noble" and "strong".
  5. Brando: comes from the old German "brant", meaning "shines like hot coal"
  6. Brenno: name that derives from an honorific title given to the leaders of Celtic ethnicity. It could mean "crow" in Celtic. 
  7. Bold: derives from the old Danish bald and means 'bold, brave'
  8. Biagio: name that derives from the Latin Blasius and means 'stammerer'
  9. Blessed: name from the Latin benedictus. It means "He who is blessed / Blessed by God"
  10. Boris: common name among the Slavic peoples, it corresponds to the Bernardo village and means 'brave bear'.

Boy names starting with C.

  1. Charles: name that comes from the German and means "free man"
  2. Cyrus: name of Persian origin, widely used in the city and in Campania, means "king"
  3. Caesar: name of Etruscan origin which means "the great"
  4. Camillo: name of oriental origin, means "priest, participant in special ceremonies"
  5. Castle: name of Latin origin and means "puppy" or "little dog".
  6. Corrado: name of Germanic origin means "brave, valiant, who gives excellent advice"
  7. Constantine: name of Latin origin means "he who has firmness"
  8. Christian: name of Latin origin, means "who comes according to the law of Christ"
  9. Cataldo: name of Germanic origin means "very strong in war"
  10. Christopher: English variant of Christopher, which means "the bearer of Christ".

Boy names starting with D.

  1. Davide: name of Hebrew origin, it means "beloved, beloved"
  2. During: comes from the Latin and means "to resist"
  3. Dario: of Greek origin, means "he who possesses the good"
  4. Diego: name of uncertain origin, means "cultured, educated"
  5. Damiano: name of Latin origin, it means "descendant of Damia", "consecrated to Damia", "tamer", or "man of the people".
  6. Deodato: of Latin origin means "Given to God"
  7. Domenico: of Latin origin means "consecrated to God"
  8. Daniele: name of Hebrew-Aramaic origin, means "My judge is God; divine judge"
  9. Donato: as well as its variant Donatello, it is a name of Latin origin and means "Donato"
  10. Dorotheus: of Greek origin it means "Gift of God".

Original male names

Not only classic names, not only ancient names that over the years and centuries have brought great characters, valid leaders: there are also numerous original male names that you can give to your child. Names el paeseni, or even foreigners, full of meaning. Strong or sweeter names, the choice is varied. Here are 10 original male names that he wants to suggest to you:

  1. Wolf: not very common name, the meaning of which refers to the wild animal and indicates men endowed with strength and courage
  2. Lion: derives from gredo, another name that evokes the strength and courage of an animal, this time the "king of the forest"
  3. Blacks: name of Tuscan origin, shortened form of Ranieri or Guarnieri. It means "army advised by the gods".
  4. Noah: English variant of the ancient name Noah, brought by the biblical patriarch who built the famous Ark. It means "quiet", "rest", "comfort".
  5. nino: name of Hebrew origin, it means gift or grace of God but also God has heard, the Lord is merciful
  6. Pablo: name of Latin origin, Spanish male variant of Paolo, means "small" or "second born".
  7. Tobias: name of Hebrew origin, is the name of a character from the Old Testament, a just and good man as the Bible describes him, who lost money and sight for an act of charity. It means "pleasing to the Lord"
  8. Nathan: name of Hebrew origins, from the Hebrew verb "Natan" which means "to give". It means "God has given", or "He (ie God) has given" or "he has given".
  9. Leonidas: from the Greek "Lèonidas", it means "descendant of the lion" or "who has the shape of a lion", "similar to the lion", "son of a lion". 
  10. Sean: name of Irish origin, variant of John and John, it means merciful, kind or "had mercy".

Short male names

For those who do not like long names (perhaps because the surname is already long and complex) the choice is varied. Here is a list of 10 short male names:

  1. Ugo: name of German origin, means 'perceptive spirit'. Ugo's diminutives are Ugolino and Ughetta
  2. Amos: name of Hebrew origin, means "God has carried you on his arm"
  3. Ennio: from the Latin Ennius, name of Messapian origin, which means "predestined, favored (by God)"
  4. Aldo: name of Germanic origin, it could mean "old, wise," grow up, be an adult ".
  5. Liam: name of Irish origin, diminutive of William, English variant of the name of the village Guglielmo. It means "will, desire" and from helm, "helmet, helmet, protection".
  6. Champion: name of Anglo-Saxon origin, means "God protected"
  7. Ivo: variant of the male village of Ivana, a name of Celtic-Anglo-Saxon origin. It means "God had mercy"
  8. Eros: name of Greek origin, name of the Greek god of love, means, in fact, "love"
  9. Alan: name of Brettone origin, widespread in England by the Normans. It means "harmony"
  10. Aeneas: comes from the Greek, means "worthy of praise", "praised", derived from aine or ainos which means, in fact, recognition, praise; "terrible" which is another possible meaning.
  11. Omar: it seems to derive from the Arabic term 'umr, then in a broader sense Omar can mean "full of life"" great ", but also"long-lived", so it is certainly an auspicious name.

Male names and the townspeople, beautiful but not common

We end with a list of male names that are little known today, but used a lot in the past, perfect if you want to give your baby an original, uncommon and meaningful name:
  1. Arthur: name of Celtic origins, it means bear
  2. Augustine: means intelligent person, good person and with an excellent memory
  3. Ambrose: name of Greek origins. It means immortal
  4. Goffredo: name of Gothic origin, it means protected by God
  5. Hector: ancient name, of Greek origin. It means to hold strong, to possess
  6. Shoulder: Swedish translation of the Hebrew name "Assalone". It means father of peace
  7. Bjorn: Swedish name, means bear
  8. Gareth: Welsh name, means gentle
  9. Jin: Chinese name, means gold
  10. Owner: Hebrew name means king
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