Margherita, meaning of the name. Etymology, diffusion and curiosity

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Margherita, name for girl

If you love female names inspired by the world of nature and flowers, Margherita is the right choice: in ancient times it was given to emphasize the beauty and brightness of the newborn. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for baby girl.


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The name day is generally celebrated on 22 February when the Church remembers Santa Margherita di Cortona, patron saint of Casteldelfino. But the 16 October in honor of Saint Margaret Alacoque, founder of the cult of the Sacred Heart and patroness of pregnant women.

It can also be celebrated on other dates, in memory of numerous saints and blessed:

  • January 12, Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys, founder of the Sisters of the Congregation of Our Lady
  • January 18, Saint Margaret of Hungary, Dominican princess and nun
  • March 25, Saint Margaret Clitherow, martyr in Tyburn
  • April 9, Blessed Margaret Rutan, nun and martyr in Dax during the French Revolution
  • April 13, Blessed Margaret of Città di Castello, Dominican nun
  • June 27, Blessed Marguerite Bays, lay virgin of the Franciscan Secular Third Order
  • July 20, Saint Margaret, virgin and martyr under Maximian in Antioch of Pisidia
  • August 5, Saint Margaret of Cesolo, known as "la Picena", widow
  • August 30, Saint Margaret Ward, martyr in London
  • October 16 and 17, Saint Margaret Maria Alacoque, nun and mystic
  • 2 November, Blessed Margaret of Lorraine, widowed noblewoman and Poor Clare
  • November 16 (or June 10), Saint Margaret, Queen of Scots
  • November 23, Blessed Margaret of Savoy, Dominican nun
  • December 15, blessed Margherita Fontana, virgin
  • December 30, Blessed Margherita Colonna, virgin, founder of the monastery of the minorities of Palestrina

Varianti el paesene

  • Female: Margareta

Since Margherita is an extremely popular name over the centuries, its popularity has given rise to many abbreviated and diminutive forms, such as Rita o Greta.

Foreign variants

  • Spanish: Margarita
  • French: Marguerite
  • English: Margaret

Origins and etymology of the name Margherita

From the etymological point of view, the name Margaret derives from the ancient Greek male μαργαριτης (margarites), in turn from a root common to the Sanskrit मञ्यरी (manyari) or the Persian marvārid. From ancient Greek into Latin it became Margarita.

Meaning of the name Margherita

The meaning of Margherita is "pearl". However, in el paeseno and in Spanish, the word "margherita" has undergone a semantic change over time, and as early as the late Middle Ages it began to be commonly used to designate various fiori similar to each other with which today even the name is generally associated.

Diffusion of the name Margherita

The name Margherita has been extremely popular since Middle Ages and also in the Christian communities thanks to the cult of Saint Margaret of Antioch, invoked among other things by women in labor. According to the ISTAT data   Margherita continues to be extremely appreciated by the parents and the villagers: in 1999 it was given to 113 newborn girls while in 2022 1034 girls were called with this name. In 2022 Margherita is in 43rd place in the ranking of the most popular names in the country.

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Personality of a little girl named Margherita

Margherita is pragmatics, complex and often indecipherable. He knows how to use his intelligence, intuition and practical sense well. She is fussy and she doesn't like doing things by halves. Margherita stands out for her courage and her character positive. Margherita is deeply attached to social and family values, she has a great diplomatic ability and defends her ideas of her with fervor and conviction. She's determined when it comes to stick up for a cause she believes in, but is also ready to listen to the opinions of others. Her critical spirit makes Margherita excellent interlocutor, but it also pushes her to listen more to her rational side than the emotional one and to hide her emotions. His analytical spirit it helps her make the right decisions.

Margherita is a lover of nature, hates superficiality, loves to travel and feels enriched by exchanging with others.

What profession will Margherita make? His great professionalism determines his behavior at work; she has a great team spirit and her natural curiosity contributes to her professional growth. Margherita can find gratification above all in the social, economic, financial and legal professions.

Zodiac sign

The most representative zodiac sign of Margaret's personality is him Scorpio, known for his confidentiality, but also loyalty, idealism and sensitivity.


Il green it is the color of Margherita: it is associated with spiritual life and hope. Furthermore, green promotes balance and introspection.

Precious stone

The gemstone associated with Margaret's temperament is lo Emerald, known to symbolize wisdom.

Lucky number

9 is Margherita's lucky number: it pushes her to complete her projects.

Famous people named Margherita

  • Margherita d'Angoulême, French writer and poet
  • Margherita of Austria, Duchess of Parma and Piacenza and governor of the Spanish Netherlands
  • Margaret II of Denmark, Queen of Denmark
  • Margherita of Savoy, queen of the country
  • Margaret of Valois, queen consort of France and Navarre
  • Margherita Maria Alacoque, French nun and mystic
  • Margherita Bagni, actress and voice actress el paesena
  • Margherita Boniver, politica el paesena
  • Margherita Buy, actress el paesena
  • Margherita Hack, astrophysicist and science popularizer el paesena
  • Margherita Sarfatti, writer and the country

Song dedicated to Margherita

We cannot fail to mention the very famous Margherita by Riccardo Cocciante

Then let's run through the streets and start dancing

Because she wants joy, because she hates resentment

And then we paint all the walls with buckets of paint

Houses, alleys and buildings, because she loves colors

We collect all the flowers, which can give us spring

Let's build her a cradle, to love each other when it is evening

Then let's go up into the sky, and take a star for her

Because Margherita is good, because Margherita is beautiful

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