Mastitis, how to cure it to breastfeed without problems

When you are talking about nursing al breast we deal with many themes and one of these that all moms must know and know to recognize and the mastite. It's important know what it is about to be able to do it solve in a short time and without having to resort to antibiotics continuing the experience ofnursing in the most way sereno possible.

But what is the mastite? It's a'inflammation of breast usually caused by an infection bacterial, due to Staphylococcus aureus o Staphylococcus epidermidis or to other types of streptococcus or attraffic congestion mammary. Is critical to recognize the first symptoms to succeed in to intervene with remedies natural which most of the time solve the causes area of mastite quickly.

La mum breastfeeding, especially undergoing start, in the first few weeks, you may feel pain (usually occurs in only one breast), redness, swelling e heat. In later stages, the fever, which can exceed 38% with symptoms similar toinfluence, accompanied by fatigue e exhaustion.

In many cases these symptoms due to mastite are related to the so-called jams stasi of XNUMX cups milk, which occur because i you they do not come emptied correctly during feedings. It's a lot important that mom knows from the start that the way top to solve a problem of mastite it is continue ad breastfeed, increasing the frequency of the feedings and trying to do to empty to the newborn just the clock face breast that is in pain, starting with breastfeeding right from breast interested.

And the same crucial is to know that the breast milk it does not appear in any way contaminated byinfection and therefore there are not dangers in continuing thenursing even in the presence of a mastite. The mastite it can also be caused by the passage di bacteria common through small wounds o fissures on the nipple. Another reason why the mastite can be the use of clothes o bras too close which could block the normal flow of XNUMX cups milk causing thetraffic congestion.

So here are the main ones remedies to heal the mastite. It goes from the most homemade, as one bag dell 'hot water (but not hot) placed on the part swells o in pain (which can help to melt accumulation gently), A bathroom or a shower hot, a lot rest, beer abundantly, avoid di compress il breast using clothes comfortable and, as mentioned, increase the feedings and also use a breast pump or the manual squeezing if necessary for to empty Breast. Even some supplements, based on bromelina e Vitamins antioxidants, they can give you a good one hand.

If you have doubts, as often happens to one new mom struggling with the beautiful modern art dell 'nursing, you can consult amidwife, which in these cases is the specialist most suitable: will be able to give advice on new ones positions breastfeeding (different e unexpected) or check if the little one sticks in the way correct.

If the symptoms, however, persist and the fever salt still needs to resort to antibiotics, asking your own medical health insurance and pediatrician the most suitable ones. The risk, in fact, is that the mastite degenerate causing a real abscess in breast which must then be taken care of surgically.

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