Maternity fashion: how to dress during pregnancy

Maternity fashion: how to dress during pregnancy
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Maternity fashion

Given that in the nine months of pregnancy the shapes of the body change suddenly, she is forced to revise her wardrobe, re-adapting it to her needs and to the baby bump! Here is a complete guide to maternity fashion.

How to dress in pregnancy

Let's start from Shopping: it is not necessary to change the whole wardrobe or even spend a fortune on clothes that, if not for other pregnancies, will hardly fit us.

The maternity garments that you absolutely must have

How to dress in pregnancy? The photos of the 10 must-haves to keep in the closet if you are pregnant

Here's what to do before throwing yourself into compulsive shopping:

  • review everything you have, taking into consideration only the part of clothes that you will need in the months of the most advanced pregnancy, therefore either the winter or the summer ones
  • imagine yourself with a big belly and keep what you think you can close at hand to wear in the near future: trousers and skirts with elastic or drawstring at the waist, sweaters and dresses with an empire line (cut under the bust) highly elastic tank tops and sweaters, leggings and leggings and so on
  • after selecting what you think you will be able to wear in the coming months, put away the other clothes in another part of the wardrobe, so as to have at hand only the clothes that you can wear and it will also be easier to combine them quickly
  • all the rest put it out of your sight not only because you won't need it for a while but also to not get nostalgic if one day you feel down.

Remember things really indispensabili they are few and it is better not to buy everything at once.

Nowadays any kind of garment has been designed for the expectant mother, from both one-piece and two-piece swimsuits to jeans to evening and wedding dresses so don't think you will have to give up something.

Latest tips:

  • do not wear clothes that are too tight and with parts that compress too much such as straps or belts and if you can save on clothing
  • don't skimp on footwear which must be comfortable, with a wide plant and with not too high heels (often in pregnancy and even more so if it is hot you need one or two more numbers).
  • Particular attention to the underwear: especially if your breasts are greatly increased, invest in bras that support well without sacrificing pleasure and sex appeal, ditto for girdles and tights.

Maternity clothing, the best known brands

There are not many clothing brands that offer maternity fashion lines, but certainly there is possibility to do a maternity shopping from Benetton a Chicco, up to the big chains like Zara or OVS, fun and rewarding.

  • H&M maternity clothing: comfortable dresses, soft sweaters and blouses, denim and a great variety of useful accessories and styles for practical, comfortable but always fashionable clothing.
  • Zara maternity clothing: dresses and many models of jeans for the nine months.
  • Prenatal maternity clothing: Prenatal is undoubtedly the best known brand for products for children, babies and also for expectant mothers. Maternity fashion collections are always feminine and classic. The shirts are perfect because they follow the changes of the breasts and the belly during the nine months without tightening and pants and skirts adjustable elastic waist or a soft and comfortable elastic band.
  • Oviesse maternity clothing: blouses, tank tops and tops, dresses and trousers with floral prints, trendy and above all comfortable colors.

Maternity dresses for ceremony

If you are planning an important event or a ceremony during pregnancy, there is no need to be disheartened: there are many proposals for elegant clothing for future mothers.

Tulip skirts, empire-style dresses, palazzo pants and fashionable blouses, light and impalpable fabrics and, for the more daring, dresses in stretch fabrics that highlight the shapes of the baby bump instead of masking them: there is only the embarrassment of choice. Just take a look at ecommerce sites like Zalando, Kiabi or Asos to find truly original ideas.

If you want a truly unique garment for a special event take a look at the proposals of Sara / Menonove: the collections are aimed at the demanding, elegant woman who is always attentive to fashion contents, but also for the sporty and dynamic woman who always wants to be current at any time of the day.

Cheap maternity clothing online

Any tips to be cool and trendy without drying up your purse? The catene low cost such as H&M, Zara, Bershka have in their collections, even if not specifically maternity wear, many pieces that adapt to the soft shapes of pregnant women.

But there are also excellent opportunities for cheap shopping in online stores.

The items offered by Bon prix are cheap - pants, sweaters, jeans and really affordable dresses - and by Enviedefraise, the French clothing chain has beautiful dresses, sweaters and trousers in its catalog at a very reasonable cost.

Also H&M e OVS have maternity garments at affordable prices: the ideal is to buy a handful of Passepartout garments that can be combined with each other for different looks every day: four sweaters or t-shirts, a jeans, a skirt with an elastic band, a dress for all occasions.

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