Mom in the ninth month of pregnancy

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Ninth month of pregnancy

You have just entered the final and final month of your pregnancy and you know you are in the ninth month of pregnancy. Here is some very useful information to make the most of your ninth month of pregnancy until the birth of your baby.

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Ninth month of pregnancy, weeks

The ninth month of pregnancy begins at 35 weeks + 1 and ends at approximately 40 weeks.

  • Thirty-fifth week of pregnancy
  • Thirty-sixth week of pregnancy
  • Thirty-seventh week of pregnancy
  • Thirty-eighth week of pregnancy
  • Thirty-ninth week of pregnancy
  • Forty week of pregnancy

Il ninth month of pregnancy it goes, therefore, from 35 + 1/40 weeks. 

The gestational age is calculated starting from the start day of the last menstruation and counting the calendar months, made of 30-31 days, or the lunar months, each made of 4 weeks, that is 28 days. Doctors prefer the calculation of the weeks of amenorrhea and therefore of the lunar months; with this calculation the pregnancy lasts 10 lunar months.

The first month of pregnancy for the first 14 days is not pregnancy: conception occurs about 14 days after the start of the last menstruation and this is the true start date of gestation. However, since it is difficult to establish with certainty the day of ovulation (and even more so that of fertilization), it is preferred to date the pregnancy from a certain moment such as menstruation.

Ninth month of pregnancy, the weight

The overall weight gain it should be around 9-12 kg. When the term expires, the cervix softens, becoming elastic and sagging to prepare for the baby's exit.


  • You might warn a strange sensation in the vagina caused by the baby's head moving against the pelvic floor muscles. 
  • You may start to ache in your back, probably because the ligaments and muscles that support the joints relax.
  •  The mature cervix prepares for labor. You will feel heavy and tired and experience strong Braxton Hicks contractions.
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Ninth month of pregnancy, the movements of the fetus

  • There is hardly any place in the womb where the baby can move freely. He has settled into a single position and the main movements that the mother feels are those of the arms and legs
  • The baby is now eight times bigger than he was at three months, when all the vital organs had already formed. His weight has increased about 600 times. He has lost some of the hair, although some may remain on his lower back, in front of his ears and on his forehead. The fingernails have grown to the point that often they must be cut at birth so that the baby does not scratch his face.
  • You may notice that the baby is moving less now and instead of feeling his whole body move, you will feel punches and kicks and pressure against the pelvic floor muscles. 
  • The amniotic fluid is renewed every three hours. The baby's intestines are filled with meconium, a greenish liquid produced by the secretion of the food glands combined with bile pigments, fluff and cells from the intestinal wall. It will determine the first movement after birth

Months of pregnancy | PHOTO

Photos of pregnancy month by month. Images of the belly and fetus from the first month to the ninth month of pregnancy

Ninth month of pregnancy, what to do?

  • from 36th week of pregnancy you will be visited once a week. You will feel that you are breathing better but you will be left with the frequent urge to urinate.
  • In week XNUMX, you may go and see the delivery room and the maternity ward at the hospital where you will have to give birth.

The suitcase for childbirth

If you haven't done so yet, it's time to prepare the childbirth suitcase. What to put in it? A comfortable shirt or long t-shirt or tank top, made of cotton, with short sleeves or sleeveless, a dressing gown, short cotton socks, slippers, comfortable underpants that can keep the tampon fixed (most hospitals recommend the purchase of disposable panties in paper or mesh, certainly more hygienic even if not very comfortable ...), towels and a sponge or towel to wash yourself.

At the fortieth week, the birth will be near and perhaps after a long wait you will suddenly wish that the time for delivery does not come so soon. Soon you will be holding your baby in your arms but this could also cause you anxiety, don't worry it's normal!

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