Montessori bedroom: how to furnish it


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  • 2 Rest / dressing area in the Montessori children's room
  • 3 Reading / drawing area of ​​the Montessori room
  • 4 Play / creativity area for the Montessori bedroom

A small child is endowed with unlimited potential, unique and unrepeatable abilities and cannot wait to perfect and put them into practice. Montessori pedagogy supports this and recommends the creation of spaces completely suitable for children, where children can grow and learn freely. After talking about the Montessori tower, let's see how to organize a Montessori room for children.

What must not be missing in a Montessori bedroom

The child-sized bedroom should have essential characteristics in order to be perfectly organized and functional. For convenience, we will divide the space of a Montessori bedroom into three areas: the rest / dressing area, the reading / drawing area and the play / creativity area. For each of these areas the common denominator is always the same: respect for the child's proportions.

Rest / dressing area in the Montessori children's room

The main object in a bedroom is the bed. A Montessori bed has a small and low structure, usually made of wood, which allows the child to get on and off in complete autonomy, but also to arrange it, if that's what he wants to do. Sometimes it has long vertical axes that cross to form a sort of small Indian hut, or create a structure similar to a house. Here are some examples of Montessori bed.

Indian teepee design cot in pine wood

Brand name: On. House

Dimensions: 70 × 140 cm, 80 × 160 cm, 90 × 200 cm

Its pine wood structure is very resistant and the fun design makes this cot a favorite for children.

Sunbed En. Home

Cottage design cot in natural pine

Brand name: ACMA

Dimensions: 140×70 cm,160×80 cm, 180×80 cm

Resistant structure made of natural solid pine and painted with ecological water-based products.

ACMA sunbed

The rest / dressing area of ​​a Montessori bedroom must also provide for the presence of a perfect wardrobe for a child, of adequate height and manageability, which allows the child to take and store his clothes and coats in perfect autonomy. Here are some wardrobe models for a Montessori bedroom.

Roba wardrobe in white wood

Brand name: Roba

Dimensions: 107 x 90 x 34,5 cm

This wardrobe is in white lacquered wood and its dimensions make it perfectly usable by children. It is equipped with comfortable shelves, a side mirror and a practical platform for storing shoes.

Wardrobe Stuff

Birch wood wardrobe

Brand name: Sweet Home from wood

Dimensions: 103,5 x 96 x 35 cm

Wardrobe with a simple design, made of birch plywood, available in different colors made with water paint suitable for children. Its dimensions make it perfect to be used independently by its small owners.

Guardaroba Sweet home from wood

Reading / drawing area of ​​the Montessori bedroom

Another important aspect to take care of when you want to create a Montessori children's room is the space to be dedicated to books and drawing materials. A comfortable but capacious bookcase and a small desk can really make the reading and drawing experience special, especially when the child can manage both activities independently. Here are some examples.

Dotty bookcase with shelves

Brand name: Furniture

Dimensions: 60 x 13 x 95 cm

This wooden bookcase is called Dotty and is small in size, has shelves on three levels and allows you to place the books in front of you, thus enticing the children to pick them up and leaf through them precisely because they are placed on the most interesting side, that is the cover. Available with three different faceplates: house (as in the photo), cloud and teddy bear. It can hold up to thirty books.

Moblì library

Labebe bookcase with wheels

Brand name: The baby

Dimensions: × × 45 35,5 44

This bookcase has the particularity of being equipped with wheels and can therefore be moved comfortably by the child. It has two very roomy front compartments and one on the back. The structure is in wood and the colors are made with safe and certified materials.

Labebe library

Baby Vivo table / blackboard

Brand name: Baby Vivo

Dimensions: table 60x60x48 cm, chair 30 × 28,5 × 52,5 cm, container 25x23x12 cm

This wooden coffee table can be used both as a desk and as a blackboard, simply by turning the top. The two seats are equipped with fabric containers to store pencils, brushes, paints or whatever the child wants to put there.

Baby Vivo table / blackboard

Homcom coffee table with containers

Brand name: Homcom

Dimensions: table 80x40x46 cm, chair 29x 25,5 × 55 cm

Spacious coffee table made of fiberboard, equipped with capacious fabric containers. The two comfortable chairs also have fabric containers and support up to 40 kg of weight.

Homcom coffee table

Play / creativity area for the Montessori bedroom

Developing a child's autonomy and capacity means offering him a play area suited to his needs, which stimulates his creativity while respecting his times and inclinations. Arranging his bedroom with trunks or shelves for toys that he can use alone means helping him to do it himself, in line with the Montessori philosophy. Some examples of valid solutions.

Songmics shelf with drawers

Brand name: Songmics

Dimensions: 86 × 26,5 × 78 cm

A wooden play shelf with a simple and functional design, with nine colored fabric containers that allow the child to comfortably take and store his toys. The cabinet is also equipped with a convenient shelf and handles that make it easy to handle by adults.

Songmics shelf

The classic KidKraft trunk

Brand name: KidKraft

Dimensions: 77,6 × 46,4 × 49,8 cm

The classic trunk is one of the most effective and child-friendly solutions. This container is made of composite wood, it is very spacious but at the same time it does not take up too much space in the bedroom. It has a special safety hinge on the lid that prevents accidental closure and protects the fingers of little ones.

Baule KidKraft

Kinderkraft Trunk-Cart

Brand name: children force

Dimensions: 55,5 x 54 x 35 cm

This nice toy trunk for the Montessori bedroom has the shape of a cart, the wheels are fixed but make its design special. Spacious and solid, it is made of lacquered fiberboard and allows the child to fill and empty it as he pleases.

Baule portagiochi child power
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