More control for your pregnant teeth

Oral hygiene in pregnancy

It is now known, as numerous studies in the medical-scientific field show, that correct dental hygiene during pregnancy is very important not only to preserve the health of the expectant mother's teeth but also to prevent potential problems with the baby's teeth.


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Photos of pregnancy month by month. Images of the belly and fetus from the first month to the ninth month of pregnancy

Experts advise to intensify visits to the dentist during the nine months because it seems that pregnancy, directly and indirectly, negatively affects the health of the teeth.

Many studies link the interesting state with the onset of problem gengivali and in general with periodontal diseases, that is, those affecting the tissues that cover the teeth.

These pathologies should not be underestimated because they could determine a serious risk factor for premature birth (even 4 weeks) as well as negatively affect the general condition of the fetus and its growth. According to the statistics the pregnancy gingivitis affects a very high percentage of women (about 80%) with symptoms and intensity that vary from person to person. Gingivitis gravidarum usually occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy and recedes spontaneously after childbirth

The onset of the disease is closely related to the state of health of the gums before pregnancy and is favored not only byincreased bacterial plaque, also from the different composition of the same. Furthermore, estradiol and progesterone, whose values ​​increase during pregnancy, would favor the proliferation of some bacteria responsible for altering the health of the gums.

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In addition to inflammation of the tissues, the pathology can be accompanied by pain and bleeding of the gums and mainly affects the front of the mouth with even more severe injuries in women who breathe through the mouth. This pathology represents a risk that should not be underestimated in pregnancy because there is a possibility that the infection will spread to the genital tract causing preterm birth and the risk for the baby to be born underweight.

There is also to be taken into due consideration lower immune response of a pregnant woman which makes the onset of such pathologies more likely. This shows the importance of preventive dental checks in the prospect of pregnancy.
Numerous other researches of this kind have shown that prevention before and during pregnancy is truly essential to avoid future problems. In fact, it is necessary to keep one's oral health under control in order to also preserve the dental health of the unborn child. Statistics confirm that periodic check-ups at the dentist during the nine months reduce the risk of caries for the baby's future teeth. It is known that many bacteria lurk in the mouth, most of which do not pose a threat to the health of the teeth, however, when oral hygiene is neglected, the bacteria responsible for caries prevail over the harmless ones. and the most immediate consequence of this mechanism is the onset of caries. This poses a serious danger to the baby's oral health as these bacteria can move into the baby's mouth causing tooth decay in the baby.

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