Mosquitoes, how to defend babies in a natural way

You wanted the beautiful season? Finally it is arrived! And with her punctual e very boring here you hate them mosquitoes. The war against these annoying creatures can iniziare. Especially for protect Most children, favorite victims of the bites of the mosquito, but not only: these insects he just can't stand them no. Let's see how fend and how to intervene to soothe the pruritus in case it gets too far tardi.

The first rule to follow is that of not perfume la skin of child. mosquitoes are attracted From fragrances and therefore even the very simple must be avoided colony to put after the bath (but then: you really are safe what is really needed? THE Infants they smell like that intoxicating already without anything ...): it would be a reminder irresistible for the mosquitoes.

Don't forget to put one mosquito net su strollers e prams, even when you take a walk in a park, So pleasant in this time. Speaking of which, try not to go to areas wet or where it is water stagnant, for example laghetti o lagoons. Compatibly with hot, try not to discover too much i Infants, Mostly in campaign, lake or in the gardens.

La mosquito net it should also be put on cot or the baby cot. Choose it a plot very sharp pain, but at the same time make it so light. For example, I used the veil of my abito da sposa and has worked to the great!

I repellents traditional ones do not go well on children very small because they have components chemical that can hurt the skin so gentle from our puppies. Likewise it would be better not to use the various contraptions a platelets or coils, which emanate substances too strong for Infants. If so, use them before to put a sleep your child and turn them off a bit advance. Or instead of the platelet chemistry put a peel di lemon o orange. And nothing insecticides spray: a plague for everyone.

You always have to prefer products natural. Get advice from one specialist, pointing out that you have to use them on children very small. A great repellent for example it is spray or gel a basis of ledum marshy, a plant which is considered a lot effective against the mosquitoes. There are some types designed specifically for children, while i adults they can do a real one prophylaxis taking on granules homeopathic.

Another one substance natural that keeps the obnoxious at bay insects and the citronella: there are gods Strips that you can stick on the edge of the cot and that they don't have contraindications.

You want another advice? The talc mentholated! Just what you use to push the pruritus in case of diseases exanthematous type chickenpox e measles. mosquitoes they hate the mint. Break it a little on yours small: it doesn't hurt him for sure.

In casa you can then use the essential oils to be heated in the appropriate stoves. mosquitoes they hate the smell of wood di cedar, tea, lavender essence , patchouli, mint, rosemary, basil, geranium, eucalyptus. Try to leave somewhere in the house a saucer with onion e nails di carnation or a bowl with vinegar and a few slices of lemon.

Another one straight is to avoid the stagnation di water in plants: distributed pieces di copper in saucers, which will prevent eggs of the mosquitoes to grow.

What to do in case of sting di mosquito on Infants? The creme al cortisone they can serve in case of allergic reaction (in subjects a lot sensitive it can happen). Try to relieve discomfort e burning with wraps di vinegar, for an cube di ice wrapped in a cloth clean or water cold, with a pasta a basis of bicarbonate di sodium e water.

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