Mother and career woman: how to reconcile family and work

Mother and career woman: how to reconcile family and work
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Mom and career woman

Since world and world we women are used to being multi-role figures. The care of the house, of the husband and of the children, has historically characterized our life. For some years now, we have also had to deal with work. It is possible to be mom and career woman and what difficulties do women face when they try to reconcile both aspirations?

Whether it is thought of as bad luck or good fortune, this new condition brings with it further problems.

It is said that at a certain age (which would then be nice to understand which one) the biological alarm clock of the woman began to play. This is partly true, even if there are women who live peacefully without wanting children. It is even more true that, generally, we think of our children when we are in love and when we feel ready to face the deepest of experiences.

But to have a child is it enough to want him? Looking at the statistics, it would seem not.

In el country the birth rate it is very low and this is due to a series of economic and social conditions known to all. Furthermore, for working women the problem is aggravated by the need to do coexist the two roles, mother and worker, whose needs often overlap.

Reconciling family and work

Balance the their family and professional career it can be a very difficult undertaking, especially if our occupation requires complete dedication as our son does.

Some women preferfilial love and sacrifices its position in the labor market. This choice is personal and influenced by numerous factors. Nursery, proximity of grandparents and various relatives can help mothers and fathers in managing the child, but they do not always do it adequately and sufficiently.

Il sacrifice of professional life of the mother has a risk that is not immediately perceptible. At first our child consumes our every hour and attention, but what happens when he grows up, he starts going to school and having her life?

At this stage the woman may feel frustrated and question the meaning of the choices she has made, this situation is often obviated by the arrival of the second child.

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There is no recipe valid for every situation, it is essential that each decision is made with awareness and that the new mother knows how to listen first of all to herself.

Raising a child when working

There are also cases where the mother sacrifices the son in favor of work. These days there are many children raised by nannies and grandparents, a remedy which, however, cannot ignore the presence of the mother even if reduced.

The danger that the child misses his parents must be averted and, even if there are only a few moments during the day, a privileged relationship must be established with him. Play games or create rituals such as reading a story before sleeping, remind the baby that parents are always close to him and that he does not have to fear the absence of daytime.

Characteristic dynamics are created in each family, within which each element finds its own role. The mother must guarantee herself to live her family world in the best possible condition, only in this way she will be able to make the people she loves peaceful.

La maternity it is a profound and engaging experience to the point of not being able to set rules and rules that apply to everyone. Based on the feelings, emotions and conditions that will arise, every mother will have the instinct at her side to orient herself and understand how to act. Serene and peaceful relations with the partner and family members will be valuable allies at any time.

In the world of work, however, you may find less understanding interlocutors, in this case read up on yours Rights and ask for advice from those who have the skills to dispel your uncertainties.

A woman has the right to be a present mother without having to give up her own personal fulfillment.

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