Mother's Day: crafts, phrases, images and gift ideas

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Mother's Day 

Sunday May 9 2022 it's Mother's Day so how to celebrate with the children? How can you tell your mother a special "I love you" on this day entirely dedicated to her? On many ideas to celebrate mom with recipes, crafts, gift ideas, coloring drawings and greeting cards.

Many, many resources to remember the importance of these women on their special day.

And considering that being a mother is the best job in the world, it pays to celebrate properly.


Beautiful phrases for Mother's Day

Beautiful phrases for Mother's Day | Meaningful photos accompanied by equally powerful words. For all mothers

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Mother's day 2022 date and day

Let's start from the beginning. When is Mother's Day? What are the origins of this anniversary and why is it celebrated on a different day every year?

Il day in which this anniversary is celebrated is the second Sunday of May. The origins are very remote: in ancient times it was a symbol of a transition from winter cold to the warmth of spring life. It was also an opportunity to thank the Great Mother, a female divinity venerated for being the bearer of life. In modern times, the initial idea was the American Anna Jarvis who, in 1908, asked to establish a Mother's Day in honor of her mother, a pacifist activist. An idea that was well received and spread on a large scale until, in 1914, the President of the United States Woodrow Wilson formalized the holiday as a national holiday. From that year on, the custom of giving a pink rose to the mother on this day spread like a gold spot.

Images for Mother's Day

Hearts, flowers, mothers and children and many colors: these are the main elements of images and drawings for Mother's Day. Let the children free creativity and we will discover how they really see their mother: they will draw funny, romantic, imaginative drawings.

You can opt for themed drawings to print and color: let the children choose their favorite subject and then let them color and decorate them as they wish. The result will amaze you!

Phrases for Mother's Day

And finally the best wishes to give to your mother with a colored and personalized drawing by children or a phrase from a famous or more personal author and that comes from the heart. You can choose an aphorism or a funny phrase to write on a personalized card and decorated by the children to attach to a gift, or a funny phrase or, even better, give free rein to your feelings and those of the children and dedicate an original and intimate thought to the mother.

Men rule the world. Mothers rule the eternal, which rules the world and men - Christian Bobin.

Mother's day gift ideas

What to buy to make mum happy or what to make yourself for a successful and original DIY gift? Here are some ideas.

  • Many proposals to make a do-it-yourself gift for mom, even for younger children
  • Many ideas for an original handmade gift
  • A gift designed and purchased for mothers: in our proposals for gifts to buy online, many ideas to make every type of mum happy, from the technological one to the most fashionable one
  • Many gifts selected among the novelties, from jewelry to books, from curiosities to beauty gifts such as a face cream.

How to celebrate mom?

We can choose one of the videos of the most beautiful songs dedicated to the mother, an original way to celebrate and offer a gift to the mother, or we could organize a special day, different from the usual, choosing from the many ideas to celebrate with the family between appointments around for the country to follow with children.

And again, here are many tips to make it happen creative and original works, to buy a gift that will make mum happy or to experience this day with the family by giving her special moments.


Whatsapp images for moms | PHOTO

Whatsapp images for moms | Memes, beautiful or informative images to share on social media with other mothers

Mother's Day: Simple DIY Ideas

It doesn't take much to say thank you to our mother. Here are some simple idea to do at home:

  • A necklace with colored pearls to buy in a flea market
  • Un bookmark with a photo of the family
  • A collage of colorful flowers with a nice greeting phrase
  • Un notebook of emotions with lots of positive thoughts for mom
  • Un jar with many beautiful phrases to say I love you mom

Chores for Mother's Day

There is no doubt that every mom loves receiving a handmade gift from their children. Even better if their dad helped them. So here are many ideas for unique crafts and greeting cards.

  • DIY cards: you don't need to be a great artist to make cute and original greeting cards. Also because never as in this anniversary what matters is the thought
  • Lots of cards ready to print and give as a gift: don't you have great dexterity and imagination? Don't worry, just print a ready-made greeting card and let the children personalize it with paints, brushes and markers and maybe the older ones can write a thought for mom that comes directly from their heart.
  • Crafts dedicated to the mother: the necklaces handmade by children with beads or even with vines, paper flowers, frames made with the imprint of the hands in the Das and then used as photo frames. And again, the little hands of mother and child used to create the outline of two trees to decorate as you prefer (the idea is from Mammaacs). She also delicious the DIY heart-shaped soap bars, full of glitter, to be made with dad. For mothers who love to read, we could give a heart-shaped bookmark, simple to make, original and customizable by children.

Origins of Mother's Day

Why the Mother's Day it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May and what are its origins? In 1872, a few years after the end of the Civil War, a woman from Virginia, Julia Ward Howe, organized one "Feast of Mothers for Peace", which was attended by several mothers who had engaged during the conflict. 35 years later, another woman, Anna M Jarvis, he asked American politicians to establish a national holiday dedicated to all mothers, to honor the memory of the deceased mother. She was satisfied by President Wilson, who in 1914 proclaimed that the second Sunday of May each year would thereafter be dedicated to all mothers in the country. Other nations, including the country, adopted this custom.

Recipes for Mother's Day

What to prepare for a special lunch or dinner? Let the fathers wear aprons and chef hats, who together with the children can try their hand at the kitchen to surprise their mother.

  • So many goodies to prepare together. Of course, the absolute protagonists of the cakes and desserts prepared on this occasion are strawberries, so loved by young and old, that they can be used to make meringues, tiramisu and cakes with cream. but you can also prepare heart-shaped cookies, to decorate as you like.
  • A simple lunch menu to prepare with the children and with the help of their father, signed Yellow saffron.

Poems for Mother's Day

Two arms that embrace me,

two lips kissing me,

two eyes looking at me,

and hands that caress

and I smell good

and I feel a nice taste:

mom is this to me

and much more:

mom is a very sweet lady.

This affectionate and intense poem by Roberto Piumini it is just one example of the many poems and nursery rhymes in verse of the history of ancient and modern literature dedicated to the mother. On the Net you will find the most famous, to read with the children, learn by heart and maybe dedicate to their mother by setting up an evening show with poems, gifts, songs and lots of love.

Mother's Day tickets

And if a beautiful phrase written with the heart makes the difference, a handmade card will be very appreciated by mothers. Anna Clair of the MammAcs blog offers us the tutorial of a flower pop-up card to be made with very little material. All you need are colored cards, a black pen, a pencil, glue, ruler and scissors. Here the video tutorial

Even the talented Maestra Agnese offers us an animated card with flowers. Very simple to make with colored sheets, a pattern to download, scissors, glue and tweezers. Here the Video Tutorial to follow step by step.

Mother's Day in England and France

But when do mothers celebrate in the rest of Europe? In France, since 1950, the appointed day is the last Sunday of May. In England the celebrations linked to Mother's Day date back to the XNUMXth century. At the beginning the called holiday Mothering Sunday, it coincided with the fourth Sunday of Lent and on that occasion the children who lived away from their families for work could go home for a day. Later the tradition of getting together to celebrate the family, but above all the mother, spread. In 1914, the president of the United States established Mother's Day to celebrate mothers. 

Mother's day around the world

  • Mother's Day in Argentina: il Mother's Day is the third Sunday in October. This very different date is essentially linked to the liturgical calendar: on 11 October the Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is celebrated and Argentina has therefore decided to fix the Día de la Madre, Mother's Day, to the Sunday following the 11 October, therefore the third Sunday of the month.
  • Mother's Day in the United States: was set for the second Sunday of May and from there many countries - from Finland to Australia, up to Germany and the Netherlands - they have decided to adopt this anniversary too, when they give flowers, chocolates and little gifts to their mother.
  • Mother's Day in the Arab world: in many Arab countries, such as Egypt, the celebration "Ruz-e Madar"falls on the day of the spring equinox, the 21 March. This anniversary is not opposed in various countries of the Islamic world because it is in line with the dictates of obedience on the part of children to their parents.

What would you say to mom?

Finally we reflect on the relationship with our mother, on what we have never told her and what we would like to say to her. Sometimes, after all, it takes very little: even a simple thank you!

Greetings to all mothers!!
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