Motherhood and pregnancy in Meghan Shah's comics

Funny cartoons about pregnancy

No one ever said it would be easy: during pregnancy and motherhood, joy is sometimes clouded by problems big and small, fatigue and unfavorable circumstances. In these situations - as always, after all - it is better to laugh than cry! This seems to be the philosophy behind the illustrations by Meghan Shah, young American mom who had the idea to summarize her life in pregnancy and later through funny comics.

The protagonist of the drawings is a funny character of her own invention "Mommie Poppins”: a sarcastic and irreverent mother, who tells with irony the various phases and typical situations of motherhood. The author has published her drawings on a Facebook page and her aim is to give parents a smile in the most frustrating moments.

Because motherhood is not everything 'Merry Poppins' e a good sense of humor is the only way to get away with it. This is alcohol.

Probably many mothers will recognize themselves in these drawings!

  • At least once in nine months, take the satisfaction ...

When people congratulate, I enjoy saying "for what?" and watch them whiten


Meghan Shah's motherhood comic | PHOTO

Meghan Shah's motherhood comic | Pregnancy through a series of funny comics by an American mom

  • Precious finds

Storing the strip of paper you peed on (for the pregnancy test) is the first of many disgusting things you will do as a mother.

  • How many times have you asked yourself: if only he could talk!

If the babies in the belly really hear what we say, for sure their first word will be ca ** o

  • Beware: I bite

Crazy hormones and no alcohol. Interact with me at your own risk.

  • Perhaps it was better to remain ignorant

Compared to the videos they show us in the pre-course, Tarantino's films look like Disney's

  • Equity of wages

For the 9 months I'm pregnant with a boy - shouldn't I get paid 1.78 times?

  • When the worst of catastrophes is a broken bathroom bar

To pee or not to pee, that is NOT the question. Pee.

  • Some small satisfaction

I admit it, I put a hand on my stomach and made a face to make me give up my seat on the subway

  • The joys of pregnancy

Nausea, bloating, flatulence, peeing every 2 minutes, pelvic pain, insomnia, pimples, fatigue, mustache, bleeding gums, back pain… yes, how cool to be pregnant!

  • Fat or pregnant ?!

I'm in that stage of pregnancy where people don't know whether to compliment me or give me a gym membership.

  • Finding your way in the theories jungle can be difficult, but not for everyone.

My parenting philosophy is to do the exact opposite of what my mother-in-law says.

  • The magic of breastfeeding.

In one day my chest swings between Pamela Anderson and James Franco.


Meghan Shah's motherhood comic | PHOTO

Meghan Shah's motherhood comic | Pregnancy through a series of funny comics by an American mom

  • "It could be heaven or hell."

I'm starting to think that the song "Hotel California" is about parenting.

  • New technical skills

It takes years of meditation to reach a mother's level of concentration while cutting her baby's nails!

  • Verba volant

If ever a friend of yours says they'd like to babysit, ask them to write it down and sign it in blood.

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