Music for the baby to listen to during pregnancy

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Music for the baby in the belly to listen to

From the very first months a very sweet communication is established between a pregnant woman and her baby made up of caresses, breaths, whispers, silent dialogues and lullabies. A mother starts talking to her little one right away, tries to convey his love, confidence and positive emotions to him. She cradles him with words and with the warmth of her hands even before she is born. And in this form of personal, intimate and unique communication music plays a fundamental role.

How many of you have started singing a lullaby to your little one when he was in the belly, or have you listened to classical music to pamper him, make him relax and educate him to beauty?

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And if you are expecting a baby this is the right time for create your own playlist with the songs you love and want the green bean to listen to. According to several studies, in fact, music while waiting is a privileged channel of communication, allows you to create a balanced and serene emotional relationship. It stimulates the structural and functional development of the fetal nervous system. (Auditore, 1998). Without forgetting that the music that the little one likes best is undoubtedly that of the mother's voice, because it is a vehicle of affection. Recently some studies have shown that the baby listens to music in the belly, starting from the 16th week, and responds to sound stimuli by moving the mouth.

Browsing the net, we found some playlist recommended with songs for the baby to listen to during the nine months of pregnancy. For example, the Enarmonia site offers a collection of classical music pieces. 

Here is our playlist:

To be listened to from the 1st to the 3rd month of pregnancy

In this period it is recommended to listen to genre music barocco, which approximates the rhythm of the fetus's heartbeat. To listen to Vivaldi, Mozart, Shubert.

Le Four Seasons it is certainly among the most beautiful classical music concerts for the fetus to listen to in the first months of pregnancy.

"La Primavera" is a song that it conveys joy, energy and serenity, what the baby needs in the first months, the most difficult for him and his mother. Bird singing creates the idea of ​​a pure, pristine, heavenly beginning. 

Music to listen to from the 4th to the 6th month of pregnancy

In this period of pregnancy it is advisable to listen to sweeter and more relaxing melodies, which lull the fetus and are capable of infusing it with serenity. Chopin o Satie they may be the right composers. Here is a series of Chopin songs for you to listen to

Chopin's music can be delicate and dreamy at the same time. He will know how to swing your little one and give him the feeling of being loved and embraced. And for you it will be an injection of sweetness and serenity. But you can't miss the ninna nanna di Brahms, the best known, and certainly among the most beautiful pieces of classical music to be used as a sound cuddle for children.

Music to listen to from the 7th to the 9th month of pregnancy

In this period the baby makes itself felt more in the belly and the rhythm becomes more lively. To alternate relaxing music with more lively music. From Creek to the compositions of CaiKovskij, passing through the Waltzes of Chopin... and of course all the songs you are most fond of and that you will want to share with your little one. Here the suite from "The Nutcracker".

To avoid metal or hard rock songs that could "annoy" the child or transmit feelings of anxiety, restlessness etc.

We also recommend the CD and the book "But what music in sweet expectation", by Andrea Apostoli. A careful selection of classical and jazz music pieces, chosen according to Edwin E. Gordon's Music Learning Theory, beautifully illustrated by Mariagrazia Orlandini and accompanied by short phrases.

Here are the songs on the CD:

  1. Andrea Apostoli, The Pendulum from Listen with him, sings for him, for vocal ensemble
  2. Claude Debussy, Clair de lune from the Bergamo Suite, for piano
  3. Leo Brouwer, Witch eyes per chitarra
  4. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Andantino, from Concerto in C major K299, for flute, harp and orchestra
  5. Claude Debussy, Andante espressivo from the Trio n. 1 in G major, for violin, cello and piano
  6. Morten Lauridsen, Would we say from The Songs of the Roses, per coro
  7. Dmitry Shostakovich, Prelude No. 11 in B major: Allegro from the 24 Preludes and Fugues, for piano
  8. Gabriel Fauré, Overture of the Masks and Bergamasques, Op. 112, for orchestra
  9. Edward Elgar, Salut d'amour, Op. 12 for pianoforte
  10. Gabriel Fauré, Spinner from Pelléas and Melisande, Op. 80, per orchestra
  11. Ike Sturm, Gloria da Jazz Mass, per ensemble
  12. Arvo Part, Mirror in the Mirror per violino e pianoforte
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