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Lyrical childbirth tale

The editorial staff of received the tale of a lyrical birth, we read the story with the words of this new mother who gave birth to her son with a natural birth.

"For nine months her fast growth and vigorous kicking had made us think that this happy event could be anticipated, but after 40 weeks and three days we realized that labor was far away: cervix high, posterior and closed.

I was discouraged and had almost erased any hope that my green bean would go out to hug her mom. So one day I decide to find some strategy to distract myself a bit: prepare a nice fruit tart and relax with a healthy puzzle week. The following morning, after a breakfast with the famous tart, a certain urge to go to the bathroom starts ... as soon as sitting on the cup comes a feeling that I had by now forgotten: something was flowing and I could not stop its flow! Only a few words in a serious and decisive tone, addressed to my husband, come out of my mouth: "Love, the sanguand ". From that moment we do not say anything more, I take a quick shower and in 6 seconds I am ready (impossible for a woman), at the same time he has already taken my medical records and we are ready to go to the gynecological emergency room for understand the origin of that blood (naivety and inexperience of first pregnancya).


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Arriving at the emergency room they visit me and with great amazement they tell me that they are the waters are broken and the blood was due to the rapidity of the dilation process: the time has finally come. They take me to the labor room to monitor me and the last time I see the clock was 10:30 then the "properly so called" contractions begin and from there nothing has been understood. The scene, in hindsight, brings me back to the film "The Exorcist" with the difference that I had my hair pulled up.

The contractions came as if from afar and then bumped into me with indescribable power: like the wave that hurls itself energetically against the rocks, breaking the water into a thousand pieces. Unfortunately for those I was close to each contraction it was associated with vomiting or diarrhea but the thing that will remain in history were my screams that few will forget. They were very in tune vocalizations, sometimes a bad word in Neapolitan escaped me, but the most used words were "mammina" and "help"!

It all came out of my mouth involuntarily, I am a very private and silent person, but I was feeling fine dilating quickly and the child pushed to go out, so my diaphragm was activated with the "singing". I don't know when and how I found myself in the delivery room always screaming and yelling (poor midwives!) When at a certain point the matter became serious: I had to really push, I was about to give birth ...

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Of course diaphragmatic breathing: push, let the air out, raise your head, straighten your legs and bend your elbows! At that moment I did not know how to coordinate even a finger, I had become very tired and very repentant because that was precisely the decisive moment in which I had to give my best! Suddenly I see the gynecologist standing on a stool ready to push on my belly: I close my eyes, I rely on her and suddenly "poof!" her head is out, creating a feeling of poised between my legs. That was the only moment of clarity I have checked the thrust for the sake of my baby .. boh, maybe that's where I became a mother ?!

15 pm: the my baby was born, he cries and I hold him in my arms, it's all over I think. But this is not the case: suddenly there is a sensation of movement in the belly, what fear and what harm. It was the cleaning the doctor was doing. And after that he was up to points! How many points did they put me? They didn't want to tell me. My first words? "He is the first and the last child".

When the pieces were stitched up, it was all over, and my husband said he opened and closed the window during labor because I was hot and then cold. What love!

Well the post partum result? A tragedy! Vivid memories of traumatic labor, aching wound that prevented me from sitting for 10 days, functional impotence of the left leg for 3 days, white face and orthostatic hypotension for a week. I was wondering why all mothers say that childbirth is a beautiful thing, that especially with the natural you get back on your feet immediately, you walk on your legs, you are immediately independent. How many lies, I thought!

Now I agree with them. Because as far as the labor and post partum they are hard and painful they are forgotten in a flash to make room for all the beautiful emotions that follow! When I have my son in my arms, something so sweet and perfect, I wonder where it came from. I do not realize that it is the product of that traumatic process: it is as if one day the stork knocked on the window leaving me this wonderful bundle, making me the richest and happiest woman in the world ".

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