Name Alain: origin, diffusion and variants

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Alain name

Widespread in France and Brittany, as well as its Anglo-Saxon variant Alan is extremely popular in many countries of the world, Alain is the French version of the male name Alano, very rare in our country. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities about Alain name for boy.

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  • Etymology of the name Alain
  • Meaning of the name Alain
  • The variants, from Alain to Alan
  • Diffusion of the name Alain and Alan
  • When is Alain's name day?
  • Sant'Alano
  • Personality of Alain
  • What zodiac sign is associated with the name Alain
  • What is Alain's precious stone
  • What color is associated with Alain
  • What is Alain's lucky number
  • What a song to dedicate to Alain
  • Famous people named Alain

Etymology of the name Alain

The origin of the name Alain continues to be the subject of much debate even today. Some say it is of Latin origin and derives from the term "Alanus", others associate it with the Breton name "Alan", used in the Norman era in the sixth century, but it can also have an Indo-European etymology because it is siile to the word "Alun" which it means beautiful or harmonious.

Meaning of the name Alain

The meaning of the name Alain it is Alan's, that is "little stone", but it can also be "beautiful, attractive".


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The variants, from Alain to Alan

  • French: Alan
  • el paeseno: Great Dane
  • English: Alan
  • Croatian and Slovenian: Allen
  • Women: Alanna, Alana, Alaina, Alayna, Allana, Alanis, Alannah. Hypochoristic female: Lana

Diffusion of the name Alain and Alan

In the country the Alano form, which owes its fame above all to the canine breed, is certainly very rare, on the contrary Alan is an extremely widespread name in Anglo-Saxon countries as well as Alain is a name that, until a few decades ago, was very widespread in France.

According to the ISTAT data related to the most popular names in the country, in 1999 they were called Alain 12 infants, while in 2022 they were 8. Definitely more widespread Alan which in 1999 had an absolute value of 60 and in 2022 it recorded a value of 100 newborns. Great Dane, on the other hand, it is practically absent.

also the feminine forms they are interesting: Alannah, English form that derives from the affectionate term alannah which in turn derives from an Irish phrase (a leanbh) which means "oh child". The name of the singer is also interesting Alanis Morisette: her father is called Alan and she was called that because her parents read this feminine form of the name in a Greek newspaper. The diminutive of Alana is, in several languages, Lan, also particularly popular at least until the first half of the last century.

When is Alain's name day?

The name day is celebrated on 25th November in memory of Saint Alano, Abbot of Lavaur.


Sant'Alano, abbot of Lavaur, lived in the seventh century, but there is also a strong cult for blessed Alano, Alain de La Roche, a Breton Dominican, who became famous for his particular devotion to the rosary which is remembered on 8 September.

Personality of Alain

Rather ReservedOf a sensitive nature, Alain generally finds his equilibrium more in family life than in professional life. However, even and his nature is discreet and reserved, he does not lack stubbornness and determination.

Alain is creative, often of good mood, after having overcome an instinctive reluctance towards what he does not know, he loves to open up, communicate and is curious and nice. He has a good self-confidence which, however, must be constantly stimulated and encouraged. AND' original, open, optimistic.

What profession will Alain do? He loves to devote himself to others, he loves reading and intellectual growth so he will be perfect as a teacher, librarian, scholar or researcher, but could also be gratified by manual professions.

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What zodiac sign is associated with the name Alain

Alain's personality is perfectly reflected in that of the one born under the sign of Cancer. Idealist, dreamer, with a piqued emotional side.

What is Alain's precious stone

Purity, strength, immutability are the characteristics of Alain's birthstone, the Diamond.

What color is associated with Alain

L'Orange is Alain's color, a color that inspires good humor and symbolizes creativity, but is also associated with the thirst for change.

What is Alain's lucky number

Alain's lucky number is 10, associated with leadership skills, dynamism and independence.

What a song to dedicate to Alain

We chose "The Song of Alain Delon" by Baustelle.

Famous people named Alain

  • Alain Aspect, physicist
  • Alain Chabat, director, actor and film producer
  • Alain Corneau, French director
  • Alain Cuny, actor
  • Alain Delon, actor and director
  • Alain Prost, racing driver
  • Alain Robbe-Grillet, writer, director and screenwriter

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