Name for child: Aeneas. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Aeneas, name for child

Enea is a male name not very common in the country, but which deserves better luck given its ancient origin. The mythological character was called Aeneas, son of Anchises and Aphrodite, protagonist of theAeneid of Virgil and also present in Homer's Iliad, forefather of the Romans and founder of the city. Let's see in this guide what the meaning of this name is and what are the character traits of the people who are called Aeneas.


The name day is celebrated on 15th November in honor of Blessed Aeneas of Faenza, even if his cult has never been officially recognized by the Church.


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Varianti el paesene

There is no female variant.

Foreign variants

  • English: Aeneas
  • French: Énée
  • Spanish: Eneas
  • German: Äneas, Aeneas, Aineias

Origins and etymology of the name

The name Aeneas derives from the Greek name Aeneas (Aineias), refer the origin of the name to the term aine or ainos.

Meaning of the name Aeneas

Given the uncertain origin of the name, the meaning of the name Aeneas can be:

  • "worthy of praise", "praised", derived from aine or ainos which means, precisely, recognition, praise;
  • "terrible" which is another possible meaning of the term ainos.

Diffusion of the name Aeneas

The name still does not find great diffusion today, even if there is a growing appreciation by the new parents and the villagers in recent years. According to ISTAT data, in 1999 only 66 newborns were called Aeneas, but the situation relating to 2022 is very different: as many as 1204 children were called Aeneas and this name is chosen by more and more couples of new parents.

Personality of a child named Aeneas

Aeneas undoubtedly has one strong personality, he is active, energetic, courageous and has a passionate temperament that strikes those who know him and undoubtedly gives him great charm.

Only apparently docile and malleable, in reality Enea is able to strongly assert his rights and impose his ideas with firmness and even a touch of strategy. He always has big projects and has all the credentials to achieve them and even go beyond his goals. She prefers to act because she can often be the victim of her nervousness and emotionality. He is energized by the difficulties and the challenges he faces: he detests injustices and has great ideals, he does not hesitate to fight against iniquities thanks to his acute sense of justice. He is a person intuitive and has an excellent logical mind which enables him to skillfully solve problems and difficulties, to be diligent, hardworking and competent. He must, however, try to mediate between his desire for almost maniacal perfectionism and his inclination to be undisciplined.

He is very attached to hers family and he will do his utmost to maintain harmony with the people he loves. He is a man who desires her peace a even if at times he feels compelled to declare war. In love it is often difficult to stay close to him because he aspires to perfection and risks being too fussy and uncompromising.

What profession will Aeneas make? He could find gratification in the field of tourism, sales, marketing, but also in the art world thanks to his strong aesthetic sense. Professions that require precision and meticulousness, such as those of catering or consultancy, are also perfect for Enea.

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Zodiac sign

The zodiac sign closest to the character of Aeneas is that of Bull, very creative and selfless, but also very stubborn.


The color of Aeneas is the yellow which favors the ability to concentrate and extroversion.

Precious stone

Aeneas's lucky charm is the ruby which promotes momentum, energy and passion and helps to awaken one's inner potential.

Lucky number

Aeneas's number is 6, symbol of a continuous search and ambition for union and harmony, family and personal.

Famous people named Aeneas

  • Enea Bortolotti, mathematician and the village
  • Enea Dal Fiume, cyclist on the road and the village
  • Aeneas of Gaza, Roman philosopher
  • Enea Gardana, guitarist and composer el paeseno
  • Enea Hirpino, poeta el paeseno
  • Enea Manfredini, architect and the village
  • Enea Masiero, footballer and soccer coach el paeseno
  • Enea Moruzzi, footballer and the village
  • Enea Navarini, general el paeseno
  • Enea Noseda, politician and the villager
  • Enea Silvio Piccolomini, who became pope with the name of Pius II
  • Enea Pavani, curling player el village
  • Enea Silvio Recagno, aviator and the village
  • Enea Riboldi, draftsman and illustrator from the village
  • Enea Salmeggia, painter of the village
  • Enea Tallone, painter and architect of the village
  • Aeneas Tacticus, ancient Greek inventor
  • Enea Zuffi, footballer and villager

Song dedicated to Aeneas

We propose "The Tale of Aeneas"gods Litfiba, a piece included in the "Aeneid", the soundtrack of the play of the same name successfully presented by the multimedia research group Krypton.

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