Name for child: Alberto. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Alberto, name for child

Alberto is a male name of Germanic origins which until a few decades ago was particularly widespread in Italy and throughout Europe. Less common today, however, it remains a name of noble traditions that can perfectly combine the desire to choose a name that is not very common but still traditional. Let's find out in this guide the meaning and origin of name Alberto to un child.


There are so many saints who bear the name Alberto and therefore the name day can be celebrated on many dates, however most of the people who are called Alberto celebrate the name day on November 15 in memory of Saint Albert the Great, or "di Colony",

Among other dates where Alberto can celebrate the name day we point out:

  • 7 August, Saint Albert of the Abbots of Trapani, Carmelite priest
  • April 13, Saint Albertino of Montone, abbot
  • 5 April, St. Albert of Montecorvino, bishop
  • January 8, St. Albert of Cashel, bishop
  • August 15, Blessed Alberto da Sarteano, Franciscan
  • September 14, St. Albert of Jerusalem, (or "Alberto Avogadro" or "of the counts of Sabbioneta" or "of Vercelli"), patriarch of Jerusalem and martyr in St. John of Acre [8]
  • 5 October, Blessed Alberto Marvelli, engineer and politician of Catholic Action
  • November 24, Saint Albert of Louvain, bishop and martyr in Reims
  • December 25, St. Albert Chmielowski, religious and founder of the congregations of the Brothers of the Third Order of St. Francis Servants of the Poor and the Albertine Sisters

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our variants

  • Male: Alperto, Ulberto, Ulperto. The variant composed by Carlo Alberto is also quite widespread.
  • Female: Alberta, Albertina

Foreign variants

  • English: Albert
  • French: Albert
  • Spanish: Alberto

Origins and etymology of the name Alberto

Alberto is a name of Germanic origins. It is probably a derivative of the name Adalbert (which is composed of adal, "noble", and beraht, "brilliant", "illustrious").

Meaning of the name Alberto

The name Adalberto, from which the name Alberto originates, probably means illustrious nobleman, however it is not excluded that the first element "al"Should be connected to the root" ala "which means"all”And therefore Alberto could mean very illustrious or very famous.

Diffusion of the name Alberto

The name Alberto grew in popularity throughout the nineteenth century in European countries thanks above all to the notoriety and excellent reputation of the Prince Albert of Saxony which reigned until 1861 and with which Queen Victoria was deeply in love. For decades the name Alberto, therefore, was particularly widespread, its popularity today has greatly diminished. According to the data ISAT the name Alberto in 1999 was chosen by 1992 our new parents, while in 2022 813 newborns were called this way.

Personality of a child named Alberto

Alberto is a man bright which often manages to achieve what it sets out to do. It doesn't give up easily, it is tenacious and strong and persevere in the commitment: it is true fighter who uses all his skills to solve problems and overcome difficulties. She does not hesitate to offer help to those in need and is distinguished by her sincerity: she is not afraid to say aloud what everyone thinks or says softly for lack of courage because she has a strong sense of truth and hates lies.

It can show two opposite sides of his character: if he has the feeling that things are getting out of hand, if he fears losing control of the situation, he shows his authoritarian and severe nature, but does not hesitate to show great tenderness towards those who love and / or support him. In fact, Alberto needs to feel loved and supported in the things he does and loves to be looked after.

He does not appreciate travel and adventure very much and prefers to remain in his familiar and reassuring environment. For him, true happiness is being with his family and sharing everything with the people he loves.

It is very attached, therefore, to the family and to friends: he swears fidelity and sincerity and is very thoughtful and attentive. His biggest disappointment is seeing a friend or loved one turn his back on him: he hardly forgives.

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Zodiac sign

The zodiac sign that is closest to Alberto's personality is that of Balance: an elegant, balanced character and extremely attached to family and friends.


Il violet it is the color that best matches Alberto's character traits. A bright color that symbolizes well-being and sweetness and is often associated with dreamers.

Precious stone

L'Amber it is Alberto's lucky stone and according to some it is capable of bringing wealth to the person who owns it.

Lucky number

Il 4 is Alberto's lucky number, who encourages them to use all their skills and talents to give shape to projects.

Famous people named Alberto

  • Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Prince Consort of the United Kingdom
  • Alberto Angela, paleontologist, scientific popularizer, writer and our journalist
  • Alberto Castagna, our journalist and TV presenter
  • Alberto Lattuada, our director, screenwriter, actor and film producer
  • Alberto Lupo, our actor and voice actor
  • Alberto Moravia, our writer, journalist, essayist and playwright
  • Alberto Pérez Lapastora, Spanish singer, composer, guitarist and conductor
  • Alberto Sordi, our actor, voice actor and director
  • Alberto Testa, our lyricist, television author, singer, composer and record artist
  • Alberto Tomba, our alpine skier

Song dedicated to Alberto

We offer you this autobiographical song by Alberto Camerini entitled "Alberto", the story of his never forgotten childhood in Brazil.

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