Name for child: Alessandro. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Alessandro name for boy

Among the masculine names most appreciated by parents, the el paeseni, Alessandro it's a name for child of noble and ancient origins that remains, year after year, at the top of the rankings of the most popular names in the country. Let's discover the origins, the meaning, the curiosities about this name and the personality of Alessandro.


L'name day of Alessandro it can be celebrated on many occasions because the saints who bear this name are so many. Here are some useful dates: 11 January, in honor of St. Alexander, bishop of Fermo and martyr, 30 January, St. Alexander, martyr near Edessa, 3 May, St. Alexander I, Pope, 4 June St. Alexander, bishop of Verona, August 28, Saint Alexander I, bishop of Byzantium.

Varianti el paesene

  • Female: Alessandra

Foreign variants

  • English: Alexander
  • French: Alexandre
  • Spanish: Alejandro

Origins and etymology of the name Alessandro

Alexander derives from the Greek Alexandros, composed of the terms alexo, "defend", "help" and aner "man". It is therefore a compound name of ancient origins that was imposed on people in history who became very famous, such as Alexander the Great, conqueror of the Persian Empire.


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Meaning of the name Alessandro

Recalling the meaning of the two Greek names that compose it, Alexander can mean "the man who helps", or "the one who defends" or, again, "protector of men".

Spread of the name Alessandro

As we said, this name is among the most loved by new parents and the townspeople and for years it has been at the top of the ranking of the most common baby names: according to ISTAT data in 1999 9.000 babies were called this way while in 2022 6078 babies were called Alessandro . Currently the name is al second of the top ten of the most loved names immediately after Francesco.

Personality of a child named Alessandro

Alessandro has an open, sociable, cheerful character and certainly has a very welcoming and captivating personality charismatic. He hardly isolates himself and feels uncomfortable, indeed he manages to be at ease in any environment and context: he is talkative and communicative, acute and insightful.

E' curious of everything, even if one of its limits is that of not always being able to carry out its projects and not being able to get to the bottom of things. At times, therefore, it seems superficial.

Rather disorganized and messy, certainly has the primacy of charisma and positivity.

Likes to have fun, communicate, express. He likes activities to do in groups and also in public. In love he is sensitive, tender, emotional and generous, he hardly gives in to temptation and risks being very jealous.

What profession will Alessandro make? He will probably be very attracted to the professions in the commercial sphere, in contact with the public, from the legal, social or medical professions, but also from writing and gastronomy.

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Zodiac sign

The sign of the Fishes it is the one most associated with Alexander's personality above all for their cheerfulness.


Alessandro's lucky color is green, the dominant color of nature, life, well-being. Symbol of luck and hope, green gives a feeling of relaxation and joviality.

Precious stone

Alexander's lucky stone is it Emerald, which has always been considered a talisman against evil and capable of counteracting stress and tension.

Lucky number

Alexander's lucky number is 8 which refers to the material but also spiritual well-being that all men aspire to.

Famous people and artists named Alessandro

  • Alexander I, pope and saint
  • Alexander VI, pope
  • Alexander the Great, king of Macedon
  • Alexander Severus, Roman emperor from 222 to 235
  • Alessandro Baricco, writer, essayist, music critic and TV presenter of the village
  • Alessandro Costacurta, footballer and football coach el paeseno
  • Alessandro Del Piero, footballer and the village
  • Alessandro Farnese, Duke of Parma and Piacenza
  • Alessandro Gassmann, actor and the village
  • Alessandro Guidi, poet and playwright el paeseno
  • Alessandro La Marmora, general el paeseno
  • Alessandro Longo, composer, pianist, musicologist and teacher of the countryside
  • Alessandro Manzoni, writer, poet and playwright el paeseno
  • Alessandro Nesta, footballer and the country
  • Alessandro Piccolomini, writer, philosopher, astronomer and playwright el paeseno
  • Alessandro Volta, physicist paeseno

Song dedicated to Alessandro

"Alessandro and the sea"is a famous song by Roberto Vecchioni, contained in the 2009 Milady album:

as he turned back

he had nothing to see;

and as he looked ahead

nothing to want to know;

but the time of a lifetime

it wasn't worth that single moment

Alessandro, so big on the outside, so small on the inside.

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