Name for child: Antonio. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Antonio, name for child

Antonio is one of the most traditional and widespread male names in Italy, especially in the southern regions. Of Etruscan origin, it has been in the ranking of the twenty most used male names in our country for years. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for child.


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The name day is celebrated, in most cases, on two important dates:

  • il 13nd June in honour of Saint Anthony of Padua, a Franciscan religious, who is often invoked against sterility;
  • il 17st January in memory of sant'Antonio abate, the Egyptian hermit who lived 106 years 880 of which in the desert), is considered the founder of Christian monasticism and is also known as "the great one".

But there are so many saints who bear this name.

our variants

  • Female: Antonia

Foreign variants

  • English: Anthony
  • French Antoine
  • German: Anton
  • Spanish: Antonio

Origins and etymology of the name Antonio

The male name Antonio (and also the female variant Antonia), has a noble derivation, so it refers to the Latin term Antonius, carried by the Anton peopleia. In turn, the Latin name probably derives from a name Etruscan of which we do not know the etymology.

Meaning of the name Antonio

The meaning of the name Antonio is uncertain, because its etymology and Etruscan origins are uncertain.

  • According to some it means "the one who precedes"Or"the one who faces (the enemy)"
  • other sources combine the name Antonio with the Greek term ánthos, which means "flower", or ad ánthimos," flowery ".

Diffusion of the name Antonio

The gens Antonia enjoyed great fame in Roman times and this contributed to the spread of the name Antonio over the centuries throughout Europe and also in Italy. In the Christian era, further fame came from the cult of Saint Anthony the Abbot, in the XNUMXth century, and later in the Middle Ages, thanks to that of Saint Anthony of Padua.

Today and for many decades, Antonio has stood firm in the ranking of the most popular our names and is extremely popular in all regions, surpassed only by Joseph and John.

According to the data ISTAT the popularity of the name Antonio decreased in thelast twenty years: in 1996 4943 newborns were called, while in 2022 this name was imposed on 3156 children and was placed at the fourteenth place in the classificationto some of the most popular male names in our country.

Personality of a child named Antonio

Antonio is always full of energia and constantly looking for something to do, challenges to face, goals to achieve. He is always a very enthusiastic and motivated worker and is able to move the heavens and the earth to get what he wants. He is equipped with ainnate curiosity which pushes him to seek new information, study, discover. But it is also a lot discrete and he is a man of honor who respects his word and the secrets that are revealed to him. Antonio is proud e inspires confidence, he is a type of person who is not afraid of challenges and only stops when he has managed to win. He is gifted with great insight and tenacity, he has an extremely ambitious nature he only stops when he has reached the goal. It's a person of marked intelligence, charming, with extraordinary abilities leadership. Antonio is a sincere and reliable friend and does not hesitate to help loved ones who are in difficulty. He asks for nothing in return and is tender and caring in the family.

What profession will Antonio do? He will succeed in everything he wants, but he will be attracted above all by occupations related to the world of art, aesthetics of communication or the social, but he will not disdain taking over the family business.

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Zodiac sign

The astrological sign associated with the name Antonio is that of Scorpio, energetic, stubborn, passionate: a leader by nature.


Antonio's color is yellow, a symbol of joie de vivre and happiness, but also energy and optimism Wherever he goes, Antonio transmits positivity and dynamism, just like yellow, considered by the ancients to be the color of kings.

Precious stone

Il topaz it is the birthstone of Antonio, an amulet which symbolizes above all originality and which was particularly appreciated by the ancients, according to whom it possessed great power. The
topaz is also the symbol of wisdom and generosity, qualities of Antonio.

Lucky number

Antonio's lucky number is 6, symbol of harmony and completeness achieved.

Famous people named Antonio

  • Marco Antonio, Roman politician and military man
  • Anthony Abbot, hermit, monk and Egyptian saint
  • Anthony of Padua, Portuguese religious and saint
  • Antonio di Puccio Pisano, better known as Pisanello, our painter and medalist
  • Antonio Albanese, our actor, comedian, stand-up comedian, director and writer
  • Antonio Banderas, Spanish actor, director, voice actor and film producer
  • Antonio Canova, our sculptor and painter
  • Antonio Cassano, our footballer
  • Antonio Conte, our footballer and football coach
  • Antonio Di Pietro, our politician, lawyer and magistrate
  • Antonio Fogazzaro, our writer and poet
  • Antonio Gramsci, our politician, philosopher, journalist, linguist and literary critic
  • Antonio Ingroia, our lawyer, journalist, magistrate and politician
  • Antonio Meucci, our inventor
  • Antonio Pigafetta, our navigator, geographer and writer
  • Antonio Rosmini, our philosopher and priest
  • Antonio Salieri, our composer
  • Antonio Vivaldi, our composer and violinist

Song dedicated to Antonio

There are not many songs dedicated to Antonio but we want to remember the short text contained in the song by Antonello Venditti, What a fantastic story life is.

My name is Antonio and I am a songwriter

And my father and mother wanted me doctor

I tempted fate for the first song

I left friends, I lost love

And when I think it's over

It is precisely then that the climb begins

What a great story life is

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