Name for child: Bruno. Origins, meaning and curiosities

Bruno, name for child

Are you going through the list of male names and your gaze falls on the name Bruno? It is an excellent choice: it is, in fact, an elegant name, with a classic and not too common flavor. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for child.


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Generally Bruno celebrates the name day on 6 October when the Church remembers Saint Bruno of Cologne monk and founder of the Carthusians. But there are also other saints who bear this name, for example:

  • on February 2, Saint Bruno, Duke of Saxony, one of the Martyrs of Ebstorf, is remembered
  • on February 14, the Church celebrates St. Bruno bishop, a martyr in Prussia
  • on May 27, Saint Bruno of Würzburg, bishop
  • on 18 July, Saint Bruno of Segni, bishop and confessor in Lazio, abbot of Montecassino
  • on 11 October, Saint Bruno I of Cologne called "the Great", bishop

Varianti el paesene

  • Female: Bruna
  • Male: Brunello, Brunone

Foreign variants

  • French: Bruno
  • German: Bruno

Origins and etymology of the name Bruno

From the etymological point of view Bruno derives from the Germanic word brun (later rendered in modern German with braun) which means “dark color”.

Meaning of the name Bruno

The origin of the name Bruno is similar to that of other names such as Rossella, Fulvia etc ... therefore it refers directly to the color of the hair, as was customary in ancient onomastics. Its meaning can therefore be "dark colour"Or "Dark-haired".

Diffusion of the name Bruno

More widespread in the country in medieval times, Bruno is certainly less popular today. According to ISTAT data relating to the most common names in 1999 309 children were called Bruno while in 2022 there were only 233.

Personality of a child named Bruno

Bruno is a man elegant and flexible, attentive to the needs of others without judging. In fact, he prefers to help those he cares about rather than criticizing or thinking about himself.

Bruno loves eat and has a very good sense of taste, appreciates good and quality things and sometimes has a hard time controlling his appetite.

He is a person initially suspicious, he is not always able to trust at first instinct in someone he does not know and to open up and manifest himself in his authenticity he needs some time. It actually is suspicious by nature, he always thinks that others can disappoint him or make him suffer and also because of this aspect of his character he may have some difficulty in living an emotional relationship serenely. She continually questions her and her partner's feelings and needs reassurance about the sincerity of his love for her.

Bruno is great worker and invests body and soul in its projects and in the achievement of its objectives. He hates standing still: inactivity kills him and even though he has a calm nature he needs to feel engaged and involved in projects that revolve around him. It's a idealist: constantly seeks the best of everything, loves to observe and fully experience every moment and every experience. He has a great intuitive ability and is sociable, loves being with friends and family, communicating and exchanging opinions. He is convinced that his ideas of him have a great value and that they can change what doesn't work and he loves to give advice, even if it is not requested.

Bruno loves her competition, has an intellectual soul and needs a peaceful environment to be able to think, study and reflect. He is not afraid of challenges, especially if he considers them as a means to improve himself.

What profession will Bruno do? He will be able to find satisfaction in the legal field, as a lawyer or policeman, but also in the entertainment world or in a job that allows him to help others, such as a psychologist.

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Zodiac sign

Bruno's character is similar to Aries personality traits: likeable and helpful, protective of his loved ones, suspicious by nature and jealous, but also idealistic and often overly tormented.


The name Bruno is associated with the blu, symbol of wisdom, loyalty and serenity.

Precious stone

Bruno's birthstone is theamethyst because it helps him to reduce his own individualism and self-centeredness, bringing him back to the essence of things.

Lucky number

7 is Bruno's lucky number: considered the symbol of philosophy and intellectual capacity, but also of loneliness and personal completeness.

Famous people named Bruno

  • Bruno Bozzetto, animator, cartoonist, director, screenwriter and film producer el paeseno
  • Bruno Canzian, real name of Red Canzian, bassist, singer and composer of the village
  • Bruno Corbucci, director and screenwriter el paeseno
  • Bruno of Cologne, German monk and saint
  • Bruno Ganz, Swiss actor
  • Bruno Giacomelli, car driver and the village
  • Bruno Lauzi, songwriter, composer, poet, writer and cabaret artist el paeseno
  • Bruno Mars, singer from Statunit
  • Bruno Pizzul, footballer and journalist in the countryside
  • Bruno Soares, Brazilian tennis player
  • Bruno Vespa, journalist, TV presenter and writer el village

Canzone dedicated to Bruno

When I see your face, there's not a thing that I would change

Cause you're amazing, just the way you are

And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while

We have chosen one of the most beautiful and famous songs by Bruno Mars "Just The Way You Are"

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