Name for child: Damiano. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Damiano, name for child

Among the classic masculine names of very ancient tradition we find Damiano, certainly less common nowadays, it preserves its charm and its long history intact. Today we discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for child.


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The name day is celebrated in most cases on September 26th in honor of San Damiano d'Arabia, brother of San Cosma, martyr. But there are also other dates on which it is possible to celebrate such as February 12, for San Damiano d'Africa, or April 12, in honor of San Damiano da Pavia.

Varianti el paesene

  • Female: Damiana

Foreign variants

  • French: Damien
  • English: Damian
  • Spanish: Damiàn
  • German: Damian

Origins and etymology of the name Damiano

The name Damiano derives from the Latin Damianus, which in turn originates from the ancient Greek Δαμιανός (Damianòs). The origin of the name is however unclear and there are several interpretations:

  • some refer to the Greek deity of fertility, called damia;
  • other sources, however, trace the origin of the name to the Greek verb damao which means "tame"
  • finally, a third hypothesis is that the name Damiano derives from the Greek word Damos, which means “people”.

Meaning of the name Damiano

Based on the different interpretations about the etymological origin of the name Damiano, we can summarize several possible ones meanings:

  • it can mean first of all "descendant of Damia", or "consecrated to Damia";
  • can mean "tamer"
  • finally it can mean "man of the people".

Diffusion of the name Damiano

In Christian Europe the spread of the name is mainly due to the cult of San Damiano who, together with his brother Cosma, is remembered as medical saint.

It is certainly less popular today.

In el country, according to ISTAT data relating to the most common names, in 1999 529 children were called Damiano, while in 2022 the absolute value dropped to 497.

Personality of a child named Damiano

Damiano loves to enjoy the life and its freedom. He prefers to be master of his existence and his destiny: failure does not exist for him, because everything is possible if you really believe in it. He has a calm and reserved nature and only trusts people he knows well.

Avoid i conflicts and always try to show some wisdom when it comes to mediating in quarrels. Although he sometimes gets angry, this feeling quickly dissipates and he prefers to withdraw so as not to make things worse.

Dream about a united family, it is romantico, a father thoughtful and deeply involved in family life. He is not selfish and puts the happiness of loved ones before him. Given its nature reserved, Damiano has few trusted friends and before granting friendship and intimacy he is particularly wary. However, he is a trusted and generous ally, selfless and always available to help and listen.

What profession will Damiano make? The importance that Damiano gives to family life can also affect his career choices. He could, therefore, find gratification in connecting and caring for others (thus being an excellent doctor or lawyer or social worker), but he can also work in the field of gastronomy, in the real estate sector and in all those professions that require great patience and meticulousness. .

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Zodiac sign

The personality of the Damian is similar to that of the natives under the sign of Cancer: extremely sensitive, altruistic and emotional.


Il red is the color associated with the name Damiano: fascinating and ambiguous, this color gives off an idea of ​​dynamism and passion.

Precious stone

Lo sapphire is the lucky stone of Damiano. This stone symbolizes elegance and finesse and reflects the characteristic traits of Damiano's personality.

Lucky number

Damiano's lucky number is1, symbol of independence and ability to achieve its goals.

Famous people named Damiano

  • Damiano Assanti, patriot and politician and villager
  • Damiano d'Africa, soldier and Roman saint
  • Damiano Damiani, director, writer, actor and screenwriter of the village
  • Damiano di Pavia, bishop and saint of the village
  • Ambrogio Damiano Achille Ratti, who became pope with the name of Pius XI
  • Damiano Zenoni, footballer and the village

Song dedicated to Damiano

We have choosen "The song of San Damiano " written by Claudio Baglioni. The song is part of the soundtrack of the film "Brother sun, sister moon" by Franco Zeffirelli

Every simple man

Carry a Dream in your heart

With Love and Humility

He will be able to build it.

If with Faith you will know

Live humbly

The happier you will be

Even without anything.

If you want, every day

With your sweat

One stone after another

High you will arrive.

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