Name for child: Edoardo. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Edoardo, name for child

Let's find out together the meaning and origin of this name and also the personality, the zodiac sign, the lucky charms of those who are called Edoardo, an elegant male name with a great tradition.


There are many saints and blessed who have brought the name Edoardo. Most people celebrate their name day on 5st January in memory of St Edward the Confessor, King of England, commemorated by the Catholic Church on the day of his death.

Varianti el paesene

  • Male: Eduardo
  • Females: Eduarda - Edoarda

Foreign variants

  • Spanish: Eduardo
  • English: Edward
  • French: Edouard
  • German: Eduard

Origins and etymology of the name Edoardo

The name Edoardo derives from the ancient Anglo-Saxon term Eadweard, consisting of ead ("property", "wealth" or "rich", "blessed") and werd ("guardian").

Meaning of the name Edward

The meaning of Edoardo, therefore, can be interpreted as "guardian of wealth" but also "rich guardian".

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Diffusion of the name Edoardo

Thanks to its diffusion in the nobility and to the fame of Edward the Confessor, this name has been extremely popular for many centuries in Anglo-Saxon countries and in the United States for decades it was among the ten names most popular in the nation.

In the town the name Edoardo has always enjoyed a certain popularity, which has grown over the years. According to the data ISTATin fact, in 1999 Edoardo 2119 children were called, but in 2022 the number increased to 3.406.


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Personality of a child named Edoardo

Edoardo is ambitious, passionate and full of energy. An authoritative and confident man who constantly needs to feel active to move forward in life. He doesn't like being pitied and he doesn't like failure. He is strong, reliable and serious, he has a strong character, sometimes aggressive and imposing, but he remains an extremely pleasant and responsible.

It is extremely curious, loves adventure and novelty, but is also characterized by a great and deep-rooted sense of duty. Inspire confidence and it is easy to rely on him also because he never backs down and is always available.

La family for Edoardo it is very important, he has a great sense of responsibility and a profound ability to share. The sentimental and affective sphere is of great importance in his life and he loves to enjoy the peace, safety and harmony of the house.

What profession will Edoardo make? Difficult to keep sitting at a desk for too long. Edoardo will prefer professions related to communication, marketing, sales, but also those that give a certain authority and those related to the tourism sector.

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Zodiac sign

Il Capricorn is the zodiac sign that best represents Edoardo's personality: a reliable and honest person on whom you can always count. His dedication to others is incomparable. Just like Edward, those born under the sign of Capricorn are often considered leaders due to the acute sense of responsibility that distinguishes them.


Il black it is Edoardo's color: typical of a rigorous personality who loves detail and is demanding in everything he does. His sense of duty always pushes him to go beyond his limits and do the best of him. And just like Edoardo, black is a predominant color.

Precious stone

Il garnet it is Edward's amulet, because it symbolizes perseverance and energy.

Lucky number

Edoardo's lucky number is 7, a symbol of curiosity and the search for novelty, but at the same time propitious of devotion, honesty and fidelity.

Famous people named Edoardo

  • Edward of Portugal, King of Portugal and the Algarve
  • Edward I of England, King of England and Lord of Ireland
  • Edward II of England, King of England and Lord of Ireland
  • Edward III of England, King of England and Lord of Ireland
  • Edward IV of England, King of England and Lord of Ireland
  • Edoardo Amaldi, physicist el paeseno
  • Edoardo Bennato, songwriter, guitarist and harmonica player el paeseno
  • Edoardo Chiossone, engraver and the village
  • Edoardo Leo, actor, screenwriter and director of the village
  • Edoardo Reja, footballer and football coach el paeseno
  • Edoardo Vianello, songwriter of the village
  • Edoardo Sanguineti, poet and writer el village

Song dedicated to Edoardo

To Edoardo we dedicate a beautiful song by the singer-songwriter el village Edoardo bennato: "L'isola che non c'e" from 2000.

Second star on the right
this is the way
and then straight, until morning
you can't go wrong because,
that is the island that is not there
And they make fun of you
if you keep looking for it
but don't give up because
who has already given up
and laughs behind you
maybe he's even crazier than you

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