Name for child: Enrico. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Enrico, name for child

Among the male names of distant tradition and with a great history, Enrico is today much less widespread but retains its ancient charm intact. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for child.


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In most cases, Enrico celebrates his name day on 13 July, in memory of Saint Henry II, Holy the city Emperor.

Varianti el paesene

  • Female: Enrica
  • Male: Errico

Foreign variants

  • English: Henry
  • French: Henri
  • Spanish: Enrique
  • German: Heinrich

Origins and etymology of the name Enrico

The name Henry derives from the Germanic Haimirick o Heimirich, which is made up of two terms: haimi (or heim, "home", "homeland") and rich ("king", "powerful", "dominant"). The name Haimirick then changed to Henry thanks to the influence of other Germanic names, such as Haganrich.

Meaning of the name Enrico

Enrico can mean "powerful at home", but also "head of the house"

Spread of the name Enrico

Enrico it was a very popular name among the various noble families of Continental Europe and after the conquest of England by the Normans it became very popular even across the Channel. Many saints e kings they called themselves Enrico and this contributed to the growing popularity of this name throughout Europe, including the country.

According to the data ISTAT on the most common names in the country, Enrico is rarer today than in the past. In 1999, in fact, 1511 babies were called Enrico, while in 2022 there were 418.

Personality of a child named Enrico

Enrico is a man elegance, who hates vulgarity and overly pushy people. He loves to talk to others but only if he has something really interesting to say (and also to listen to), he likes to pass on his knowledge to others, he is authoritarian, he wants to control everything and be a leader wherever he goes.

Enrico is a real one dongiovanni: loves life, women and adventure even if he has a constant need for security and feels reassured only when he manages to seduce a woman. According to Enrico, you only live once and for this reason it is right to go beyond the rules imposed by society to bite into life to the end so as not to have regrets.

Enrico is a hard worker, loves challenges, invests heavily in his work to excel in his field. He is a proud man, who knows he deserves success and hardly accepts the help of others to get there. He loves learning and keeping up with new technologies, he is methodical, tidy, he can't stand disorder.

What profession will Enrico do?? He will be particularly attracted to the economic or financial sector, but also to professions related to audiovisual, travel, sport, leisure and the scientific world.

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Zodiac sign

Enrico's personality is governed by the sign of Sagittarius: those born under this sign have a constant need for freedom and are not made for routine.


Enrico's lucky color is red. Symbol of love, passion and triumph, this color also emphasizes his adventurous charm.

Precious stone

Henry's amulet is the topaz, stone that symbolizes originality and strength of character.

Lucky number

Enrico's lucky number is 9, a symbol of completeness and great concreteness, linked above all to personalities capable of doing great things.

Famous people named Enrico

  • Henry IV of Franconia, emperor of the Holy City Empire
  • Henry VII of Luxembourg, emperor of the Holy City Empire
  • Henry III of France, king of France
  • Henry IV of France, king of France and Navarre
  • Henry I of England, King of England
  • Henry II of England, King of England and Duke of Normandy
  • Henry VI of England, King of England and Lord of Ireland
  • Henry VII of England, King of England and Lord of Ireland
  • Henry VIII of England, King of England and Ireland
  • Enrico Berlinguer, politician and the village
  • Enrico Brignano, actor, comedian, director and TV presenter el paeseno
  • Enrico Caruso, tenor and the village
  • Enrico Dandolo, Venetian doge
  • Enrico De Nicola, politician and lawyer of the country
  • Enrico Fermi, physicist and naturalized American village
  • Enrico Letta, politician and the village
  • Enrico Mentana, journalist and television presenter of the village
  • Enrico Montesano, actor and singer of the village
  • Enrico Ruggeri, singer-songwriter, writer and television presenter of the village
  • Enrico Maria Salerno, actor, director and voice actor of the village

Song dedicated to Enrico

Antonello Venditti, in his album "Benvenuti in Paradiso" dedicated a song that has become a true classic to Enrico Berlinguer. Here, then, "Sweet Enrico"

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