Name for child: Filippo. Origins, meaning and curiosities

Filippo, name for child

Name for a child that derives from ancient Greek, Philip is among the male names a noble name, carried by numerous princes and kings (how can we not think of the charming prince par excellence, that Philip who with a kiss awakened Aurora from eternal sleep in the fairytale Beauty Asleep?). We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for child.


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Numerous saints and blessed called Philip are remembered, among the dates on which it is possible to celebrate thename-day remember:

  • 3st May, St. Philip, apostle
  • May 26, St. Philip Neri, priest, founder of the oratory, called "fool of God"
  • July 10, Saint Philip, son of Saint Felicita, martyr with his brothers in the city under Marcus Aurelius
  • October 22, St. Philip, bishop of Eraclea and martyr in Adrianople under Diocletian

Varianti el paesene

  • Female: Filippa

Foreign variants

  • English: Philip
  • French: Philippe
  • German: Philipp
  • Spanish: Felipe

Origins and etymology of the name Filippo

The name derives from the ancient Greek term Φίλιππος (Philippos), which is composed of φιλος (philos, "friend", "lover") and 'ιππος (hippos, "horse"). Many names of Greek origin refer to the term hippos, since the horse riding it was an animal particularly dear to the ancient Greeks. The name was then Latinized in the Philippus form, meeting numerous different abbreviations or hypocoristic ones.

Meaning of the name Filippo

The meaning of the name Filippo is "horse friend", "horse lover" and by extension "rider".

Diffusion of the name Filippo

The name Philip appeared in New Testament: Philip was one of the twelve apostles, whose figure, together with that of the deacon Philip, evangelizer of Samaria, contributed to the spread of the name in Christian environments from East to West (especially in England).

In the town the name has always been particularly appreciated: Filippo is in the top 100 most popular names in our country. According to ISTAT in 1999, 2684 newborns were called Filippo while in 2022 there were 2303.

Personality of a child named Philip

Filippo is an extremely active and gifted great person optimism: he hardly gives up in the face of problems and always looks for the right means to carry out his projects. Filippo is always in fibrillation and often his family and friends are unable to follow him: he always bakes new ideas, he is ambitious and always very involved in what he does, but be careful because he can also be easily prone to sudden moments of anger.

In short, he is always ready to face new challenges and does not accept failure easily, is understanding, knows how to listen and is always ready to give advice. He is faithful and kind, always available for his loved ones, he loves to spend his time with his family, he is very comprehensive and is always ready to listen and help. In short, he is a precious resource for both his family and friends, for whom he is always available.

What profession will Filippo do?? Ambitious, involved, precise and enthusiastic: Filippo is the employee that any company would like to have. He loves make a career, improve himself and always ready to try his hand at new challenges and new tasks and does not hesitate to share ideas and projects with his colleagues. Filippo is very attracted to professions where he will never have to submit to someone's orders and will seek movement, action and change. He perfect, therefore, the freelancer especially in the field of sales, advertising, marketing and commerce.

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Zodiac sign

Philip's characteristics are well associated with those born under the sign of Aquarius: communicative and full of energy.


Filippo's color is yellow, which refers to his joyful, warm and dynamic nature and also reflects his great power and energy.

Precious stone

Philip's birthstone is theAmber, a gem known for its ability to establish a link between the soul and universal energy.

Lucky number

Il number 1 it is Filippo's lucky charm, which refers to his marked individualism, but also to his will to reach the goal.

Famous people named Philip

  • Philip, apostle
  • Philip II of France, called Augustus or the Conqueror, king of France
  • Philip II of Macedon, king of Macedon and father of Alexander the Great
  • Philip II of Spain, known as the Prudente, king of Spain and later king of Portugal and the Algarve
  • Philip III of Spain, king of Spain and later king of Portugal and the Algarve
  • Philip IV of Spain, king of Spain, Portugal and the Algarve
  • Philip the Arab, Roman emperor
  • Filippo Brunelleschi, architect, engineer, sculptor, goldsmith and set designer el paeseno
  • Filippo Buonarroti, revolutionary and naturalized French village
  • Filippo Inzaghi, football player and football coach el paeseno
  • Filippo Lippi, painter of the village
  • Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, poet, writer and playwright el village
  • Filippo Neri, priest and saint of the village
  • Filippo Turati, politician and journalist from the countryside

Song dedicated to Philip

You will have the strength to fight

You will be wise to decide

When your time comes

Because it is in this wandering of yours

What answers you will find

It will be you on the mountain

And you who will go to the top (...)

And even if you are alone

Doubts you will win

The trip is one way

From a boy you will be a man

These are some of the verses of the wonderful song by Phil Collins "In Your Son", soundtrack of the animated film Tarzan

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