Name for child: Giovanni. Origins, meaning and curiosities

Giovanni, name for child

If we look at the ranking of the most used names in 2022 in the country, Giovanni ranks at seventeenth place. It is a traditional name, which is handed down in many cases from generation to generation, which preserves its charm and history intact. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for child.


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There are more than three hundred between saints and blessed who bear the name John, however in most cases the name day is celebrated in memory of the two main saints:

  • il 24nd June it remembers the birth of John the Baptist, one of the most important personalities of the Gospels, son of Zacharias and Elizabeth who had him in old age. His birth was announced by the archangel Gabriel who gave the announcement to Mary when she went to visit Elizabeth
  • il 27th December is remembered John the apostle and evangelist.

Varianti el paesene

  • Female: Giovanna
  • Male: Gianni, Giovannino

The compound name is also very popular: Giovanni Maria, Giovan Battista.

Foreign variants

  • English: John
  • French: Jean
  • German: Johannes
  • Spanish: Juan

Origins and etymology of the name Giovanni

The name Giovanni derives fromJewish Yochanan, short form of Yehōchānān which in turn derives from the Greek Ioannes and translated into Latin in Joannes and then Johannes.

La Hebrew form is composed of Yehō- or Yah, short for Yahweh, (the name of God) and chānān (or hanan, which means "he had mercy") and which has the same root as the name Anna.

Meaning of the name Giovanni

The meaning of the name Giovanni, therefore, can be YHWH is merciful (or had mercy) but also YHWH has favored (in the sense of having received a long-awaited child).

Diffusion of the name Giovanni

L'initial luck the name Giovanni is due to the presence of important characters with this name in the Gospels: it is John the Baptist, a prophet who is considered a precursor of Jesus, and John, one of the apostles author of the Gospel of John and the Apocalypse.

in first Christian communities, therefore, the name had a wide diffusion and was also carried by many important characters of history, religion and culture, as well as by Popes and sovereigns.

In England John is extremely widespread and in the late Middle Ages he was even carried by a fifth of the male population.

As regards'el country, data relating to seventies show that Giovanni was the second name by diffusion preceded only by Giuseppe (in first place) and followed by Antonio (in third place).

The popularity of the name Giovanni has declined slightly over the last twenty years: in 1999 4.094 newborns were called this way, while in 2022 the number dropped to 2791.

Personality of a child named Giovanni

Giovanni is a man gifted with open minded, able to relate to people who are also very different from him, is hospitable and shows great enthusiasm for everything he undertakes to do. She has a 'very serious nature and he leaves nothing left halfway, he puts all of himself into what he does and to achieve his goals. He is a brilliant and precise person who love the details and he knows how to show intelligence and loyalty, qualities for which he is highly valued.

His critical mind prompts him to carefully analyze each situation before making decisions and his big reactivity and ability to take initiative helps him to resolve unforeseen situations and difficulties.

Giovanni loves to draw attention to him and does not like to go unnoticed, he is a loving father and husband and wants to be proud of his children. It instills a sense of courage and responsibility and detests mediocrity. He is optimistic and loves to enjoy the pleasures of life as well as share his fortunes and joie de vivre with those he loves.

What profession will John make? He has an extraordinary ability to persuade those around him, to convince them of the goodness of his ideas and is very tenacious in business. He will be very gratified by the professions in the fields of politics, communication and public relations.

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Zodiac sign

John's personality resembles that of those born under the sign of Gemelli, who have great persuasiveness, are thirsty for knowledge and love intellectual pursuits.


The name Giovanni is associated with the yellow, symbol of joy, success and warmth.

Precious stone

John's amulet is the Topaz which evokes a fiery temperament and great originality.

Lucky number

Il 3 it is Giovanni's number, which evokes the creative and intellectual abilities.

Famous people named Giovanni

  • John of England, called "Landless", king of England and lord of Ireland
  • Giovanni dalle Bande Nere, leader of the village
  • Giovanni di Bicci de 'Medici, banker and village, progenitor of the Medici family
  • Giovanni Boccaccio, writer and poet and villager
  • Giovanni Bellini, painter of the village
  • Giovanni Caboto, navigator and explorer of the village
  • Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, composer and the village
  • Giovanni da Verrazzano, explorer and navigator of the village
  • Giovanni Della Casa, scholar, writer and Catholic archbishop of the village
  • Giovanni Falcone, magistrate of the village
  • Giovanni Floris, journalist, writer and TV presenter el paeseno
  • Giovanni Gentile, philosopher, pedagogist and politician and the country
  • Giovanni Giolitti, politician and the village
  • Giovanni Gronchi, politician and the village
  • Giovanni Kepler, German astronomer, mathematician, musician and evangelical theologian
  • Giovanni Paisiello, composer and the village
  • Giovanni Papini, writer, poet and aphorist and villager
  • Giovanni Pascoli, poet and academic el village
  • Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, humanist and philosopher and the village
  • Giovanni Schiaparelli, astronomer and historian of science and the countryside
  • Giovanni Spadolini, politician, historian and journalist of the village
  • Giovanni Trapattoni, football player and football coach el paeseno
  • Giovanni Verga, writer and playwright el paeseno

Song dedicated to Giovanni

We propose "Dedicated to you" by John Coltrane e Johnny Hartman who together released a stunning album in 1963.

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